Discussion: Migrant Family Reunifications Slow To A Crawl As Trump Admin Still Labels Some 'Ineligible'


Contempt citations would be appropriate, being Friday and all.
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So the administration says that they can’t return dozens of kids because their parents had red flags in their backgrounds? So Trump Administration what are your plans for these kids? How are you going to legally separate the parent’s guardianship from the child? Are we going to take these kids in and grant them citizenship?
Everyday that these kids are apart from the parent(s) is going to create more psychological damage.


Hard not to note that the latest TRump tweet gets 200 comments and the latest immigration story is now lucky to get 20. The day-to-day absolute horrendous cruelty of the racists in the WH is wearing us all down. ICE has been transformed by Sessions and Trump into a police force with extraordinary powers, and it is just terrifying and demoralizing.


When people say “abolish ICE,” they aren’t saying someone shouldn’t be enforcing immigration and customs laws in the interior. They’re saying that the systemic top to bottom depravity of the agency that currently does that work is such that it is beyond reform and has to be rebuilt from scratch.


Aren’t a lot of asylum seekers almost by definition going to have some kind of legal issues in their home country?


The heartless, cruel, and heartbreaking policy is a stain on America that will never be removed. The youngest of the children will not recognize their parents if they are ever reunited.

The Trump administration tried to argue in court that the burden should be on ACLU and other human rights groups to find all of the deported parents and ascertain their wishes for reunification.

Gobsmacking. And the government is now playing Catch 22 with the lives of the families by not cooperating with the ACLU and organizations who are actually doing the work of reunification. Horrible people.


Someone should be charged with criminal negligence if not outright abuse. Since when does ICE or whomever get to unilaterally decide a child should not be reunited with a parent? I could swear that the rule of law requires a proper adjudication with a judge and due process and all that kind of thing.
This is one more frightening example, and a particularly horrible one, of this administration’s failure to adhere to even the most basic principles of our justice system, much less morality.


Not to mention sudden death issues.


Since Sessions and TRump yelled “release the hounds”. ICE is politicized beyond all reason and is filled with wannabe cops who were dying to be “allowed to do their jobs” - which they perceived as arresting everyone they could conceivably arrest, even though they were created to help reduce the possibility of terrorists entering the country illegally. When you tell military people or law enforcement people that they can do what they think is right without fear of consequences and no civilian oversight, you get exactly what we have right now both overseas and at home.


Um, it was a rhetorical question…It’s hard to inflect in emails. I completely agree with your description of how we got here.


Yes, but that’s too many words for a protest sign and right wingers wouldn’t understand it for the same reason.


Tragically, these are the helpless that will suffer trump’s lashing out in the coming days and weeks.


Contempr citations??
Isn’t that a tad harsh?

Seriously now how about waterboarding the head of HHS, ICE and the agents who did the separating. After all… according to trump, water boarding isn’t torture. Trump’s bald faced reason for the family separations was to inflict pain and distress with the idea people would hear of it and then choose not to try to save themselves from poverty, drug cartels, death threats, MS-13, and all the rest.
For myself, i will never forgive trump’s deliberate, heartless and cruel child abuse. Some of those kids are housed in a facility less than 2 miles from my home. People have shown up daily in the driveway of that facility to remind passers by of trump’s ongoing cruelty.


Remember this… there is an immigration judge in texas who holds that 3 and 4 yr old toddlers can be taught immigration law as well as any law student and so the kids don’t need a lawyer to represent them.
I really wish i were making this up. But it’s true.

The article is from March of 2016. For some reason the WaPo isn’t letting me get the on-line address or the whole article because I’d hafta pay to get the rest so here’s what I could get:

Can a 3-year old represent herself in immigration
court? This judge thinks so.

By Jerry Markon

, Reporter

March 5, 2016

A senior Justice Department official
is arguing that 3- and 4-year-olds can learn immigration law well enough to
represent themselves in court, staking out an unconventional position in a
growing debate over whether immigrant children facing deportation are entitled
to taxpayer-funded attorneys.

Jack H. Weil, a longtime immigration judge who…
Now, I am not against buying a subscription but this was a one time deal.


If I have this right, immigration courts are in the DoJ, so they’re administrative courts as opposed to judicial courts. So that means, I assume, whatever policy the administration wants to follow then the judge has to determine if a claimant case falls under the narrow policy. This is why there may not be attorneys representing claimants.

Is this correct?


Works for me. They’re blatantly evading the spirit of the rulings against them and continuing their sadism wherever possible.


If we’re taking kids away because there are “red flags” in the parents’ background, then Cohen’s, Flynn’s, Manafort’s, (whose kids are above legal age, I know), Duncan Hunter’s, Chris Collins’ and a long list of GOPers’ kids should be removed now. (and we better check on Ivanka’s, Don Jr’s and Eric’s kids if things get any worse for them)


“depravity” is not hyperbole. The Sept issue of Harper’s has documented sodomy, rape and torture of immigrants by ICE. When these things go on systematically in any kind of prison setting it’s because the perpetrators have no fear of ever being called to account for the behavior. And once this level of corruption sets in, it it very hard to get rid of.


OT, but an interesting article on “Legal Watchers” at protests…

They’re watching, whether the whole world is watching or not. Legal observers in green hats are part of Chicago protests.

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