Discussion: Michigan GOP Dons Secret Cameras In Eyeglasses To Spy On Democrats

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The New Plumbers are wearing E. Howard Hunt Special Edition Anti-Democrat spy spectacles…


For their next secret maneuver, the Michigan GOP has earmarked $75,000 to tap into undersea telegraph cables to spy on Democrats.

$15,000 for a dastardly plot to replace Democratic carrier pigeons with Republican ones that will carry the messages to GOP-HQ.

…and finally, $50,000 for surgery on Ann Coulter to make him appear female, so she can try and seduce a Democratic staffer and learn party secrets.


the last one will about coulter will never work that adams apple will never retreat it will not go down without a fight


Are these the people we want in charge of public policy, privacy issues, in fact, in charge of anything in the USA? They’re f***ing cartoon characters.

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“Those people,” the ones not wearing spy glasses, “are weird as f**k,” he remarks as he appears to leave the event.


No mention of legal ramifications? Isn’t it illegal to secretly record inside of a private residence? Especially if you were admitted entrance to the residence under false pretenses…



The first young lady in the training sequence does have the Cheney scowl down to a T.

I worry state Republicans will get hold of a surface-to-air missile system…

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Is this really an arms race the GOP wants to engage in? I understand that some Democratic politicians say stupid things too, but, seriously, the GOPs entire electoral strategy is built on pandering to racists, 0.1%ers, and a varied assortment of other nuts while hoping that true swing voters don’t notice.

If they want everything a politician says behind closed doors put on YouTube, I’ll make the popcorn!!!

Yeah, that guy was incredibly awkward. I mean, did he seriously ask how old the other guy was? That was rude. And then he couldn’t stop jabbering. I liked the faces of two of the guys he talked to, which were totally saying “Man, how did I get stuck talking to this guy?”

I wonder if he dressed like that because he assumed Democrats dressed like bums. And I’m sure he just thought they were weird because he has totally bogus ideas of what Democrats are really like. Probably thought it’d be like an Occupy Wall Street rally, based entirely on what he gets from talk radio.

Interesting their denial of reality. When the lady gives an honest, heart-felt, answer about the ACA, the gal dismisses it as “she must have guess what I was up to and, therefore, given me a boiler plate answer.”


Did James O’Kweefe and his Brigade of Little Shits have something to do with this? Or is it just general Republican psychopathy?

They’ll get away with it. IOKIYAR

Rachel did an excellent job reporting on this last night. I love Rachel. She is wicked smart and does her homework. If we could only clone her and drop her at every “news” network/outlet.

Actually they didn’t get away with it because apparently one of the young republican brain trusts left one of the video cards behind at one of the events at which they were spying and the michigan dem party found it and exposed it. If you want to see some good stuff go to Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC page and watch the video of her coverage. Actually I found the link. Enjoy!