Discussion: Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton Give Tense Mother's Day Address On 'SNL' (VIDEO)

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The way this bit is framed suggests that the unfunny, unpleasant exchange made by the two actresses was actual news rather than a poorly written SNL skit. Hopefully, this silly headline will be revised or the item will be dropped when the regular staff comes in tomorrow morning. You should be ashamed.

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Hard for me to see how “shame” attaches to a simple, matter-of-fact write up of an SNL skit.

Michelle has bangs! Where’s the bangs?

“Let’s Move” is a failure? Childhood obesity is way down: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/26/health/obesity-rate-for-young-children-plummets-43-in-a-decade.html?_r=0

Lets do this again with Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin.