Discussion: Michelle Nunn: 'Impossible' To Say If I'd Have Voted For Obamacare (VIDEO)

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“I don’t want to say anything that will hurt my election chances.”


She’ll say ‘yes’ after she wins, and uses all of the great features of her personal ACA plan.


Oh please, I realize she is running in GA, but come on, nobody is going to buy this cowardly answer.


Its her stock response to nearly every question trying to pin her down on any policy position. “Did I tell you I used to head up Points of Light? And I really love my grandma”

I haven’t seen a candidate from either side so allergic to taking a policy position in a very very long time.


Another Profile in Courage.


Does she actually ever speak without first checking to see what the polls say ? Seriously, these people who won’t tell anyone what they believe for fear that someone, somewhere, will be offended are very tiresome.

It’s ridiculous and politically stupid. It will win her no votes from those opposed to the ACA, since they might as well vote for a Republican who will certainly be against it. It will lose her votes from those who favor it. Dumb, dumb, dumb…


A profile in courage!!!

Wow, Obamacare isn’t that great for Democrats either after all. As soon as they are asked what they think about the law, Democrats up for election scamper like if they are in presence of a skunk.

I’ll try to translate. If I say yes, it will doom my general election chances because Obamacare/Obama has about a 35% approval rating in Georgia. If I say no, it will drive the base away from me, which will doom by general election chances.

More importantly, does she support Georgia participating in the Medicaid expansion? If so, it is kind of disingenuous to say that she possibly wouldn’t have voted for the law that enables that expansion. I think it is a mistake for any Democrat to try and “thread the needle” that way. But I don’t live or vote in Georgia.


Yep. This statement ranks up there with “but I didn’t inhale” in the Annals of Dumb.

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The fact that Michelle Nunn is polling as well as she is in a stronghold of RWNJ’s like Georgia is nothing short of amazing. Nunn is walking on eggshells, and in Georgia the ACA is not popular with a large number of voters whose votes Nunn needs in order to win. A democratic win in Georgia would be huge for the democratic party.

Pretty unimpressive if that’s all you can say about the major domestic policy question of recent years. “I was absent that day, I didn’t know there would be a quiz, waah.” Also “architect” is not a goddamn verb and it’s impossible not to look back retrospectively. I like it when people speak well, and always loved how Bill Clinton would answer a question by looking down, thinking for a minute, then raising his head and answering with a beautifully composed paragraph that five top-notch editors couldn’t have improved on if they had all day. Incredible speaker, that guy.


Actually it is, but this Democrat is too big a coward to run on it. She deserves to lose.

And you really should stop pounding the keyboard, because each time you do, you just look more and more ill informed and foolish

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Respectfully disagree Sarg. If GA Dems were to get their base to polls, that would give Nunn the upper hand in the general. Her hedging on ACA tells me she’s not confident that can happen. Read Daily Kos’ reading on how black voters are key to her winning:

Understood, and I’d be delighted to see a Democrat win in Georgia, obviously. I just wish she’d craft (or “architect”) a response that didn’t sound so mealy-mouthed. It’s an unforced error IMHO.


this is the kind of canidate that the DCCC and democratic establishment loves…get a tru progressive in these races they may not win but they can push the the dem that wins the primary to be more like a democrat and support democratic policies

People like what’s in the law, and they’ll like it more and more as time goes on and it helps them and their relatives, friends, and neighbors. It’s a major step forward for this society. Such things are often controversial at first, but eventually become so popular that repealing or even cutting them back becomes unthinkable. The party that made the advance possible earns a lot of enduring gratitude. This terrifies Republicans. And all that you know, Libsy. And we know you know.