Discussion: Michael Wolff Says He Interviewed 150 Sources For 'Fire And Fury' Sequel

Volume 3: Radioactive Rubble: Trump Victorious to the End is due out in late 2020.


What’s interesting about this administration is that no book, no matter how sensational or salacious, could ever capture the true lunacy of what’s really going on in the White House now. That Omarosa Manigault and Bob Woodward should both write books that largely agree in their description of our President shows just how insane this all really is. You can’t make this stuff up and, if you tried, your imagination would probably fall short in describing how messed up our President really is.

The saddest part of all this is that, in a couple of decades, no one will believe that any of this really happened.


If the sequel isn’t called “Fury Road,” I ain’t buying it.


Lots of written confirmation will be available.


The only book that could matter at this point would be one written by, or at least quoting extensively and on the record, several respected senior WH officials such as Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Tillerson, etc. They would then need to tour in support of the book, taking interviews and audience questions about their experiences, to keep the storylines on TV for an extended period. That could possibly pierce the bubble of a small but critical number of voters who might finally come to understand the danger of leaving such an incompetent, unhinged toddler in office.

Another anonymously sourced expose will accomplish nothing of value for the country.


You really think that the aftereffects will be gone in 20 years? Dream on.


Wolff’s first book has stood the test of time. Entire sections of it are pretty much confirmed in the Mueller Report as it related to the TT meeting cover up. He didn’t get everything that was going on, but the stuff he did get he nailed. That’s a sign of good reporting and research. I’m sure he heard a lot more than he wrote, but he only wrote that which he could verify. I think this second book will definitely provide some added value for the public.


I agree, and that brings me back to a question I’ve been asking for months now – where are these so-called patriots and why aren’t they speaking up and telling the American public about the horrible danger Trump represents to our democracy?

The only conclusion we can reach at this point is that these patriots, whom the media and others have assured us are honorable and respectable, agree with everything Trump is doing and wish him to remain in power.


That’s not an unreasonable conclusion, but I haven’t personally gotten there yet. I think they are people with a sense of honor and deference to the presidency. My response to them would be that precedent and norms are being shattered daily by our wanna-be authoritarian, and the risk to our republic requires that they shatter a few norms of their own and speak out forcefully against him.


and it won’t make one bit of difference
Ive got a loaded gun on 5th avenue to prove it
The 40% and Faux viewers will stick their fingers in their ears
Fake! News!


One would hope the species survives this administration so that someone may or may not recall it.


I’ll admit that bought the first one, the first day it was available. A lot of it was confirmatory about what we suspected about how cruel, callow, ignorant, greedy, manipulative, dangerous and deplorable Trump and most of those surrounding him truly are.

Also - most of what was interesting seeped into the press within a week +/- of its release. This time I will read what seeps into the press. As it might have salacious tidbits, but I don’t think it will do anything except further agitate dotard, and earn Wolff lots of cash.


Victorious to the End (of Times) might be more on the nose.
I wonder if that fuckhead believes in The Rapture.

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They will be considered normal in twenty years.


I agree wholeheartedly.

Excepting your last line, but I won’t be around to know if you were right about that!

Only when he admires himself in the mirror.


I’d pay Wolff to do that – even without a book to show for it.



Possible new titles:

Insanity and Hannity
Of Mice and Mengele
Trumpish and Kakistrophic