Discussion: Michael Sam Jerseys Currently Outselling NFL's No. 1 Overall Pick

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I am sure Michael Sam is now tired of being referred to as the NFL’s first gay player.

Hopefully in the near future the media will stop referring to him as such (making it seem as though he’s different and not an equal) and as an NFL player.


I really hope he does well. May take a few years, but the NFL is brutal on defensive players. Very few become stand-outs. I’ve always liked the Rams, and now I’ll root for them even more.


I sincerely hope that Michael’s jerseys become massively popular in the gay community. That would be FABUULOUSSSSSS!!! :wink:

…and JohnnyFootball’s


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That is fucking awesome.

You surprise me sometimes, America. :smile:

(in a good way)


Oh what a dilemma for the money lovers. They are known for deserting homophobic and racist positions, in hot pursuit of a green back. The prude ones will be left to sing and pray for deliverance.


Gayness as an engine of commerce?–that concept will twist the “free market” conservatives’ heads! As soon as the cons realize they can make a nickel from the impending gay craze, they’ll be contacting their factories in China to make some gay sports tchotchkes and cash in. You know it.


Proud of my Rams for making history… hope Michael makes the team. He was very successful in college, but NFL is a different beast. His motor and dedication to succeed should make him a productive special teamer and defensive specialist.


Well DURR! Who else has such an impeccably tailored Versace jersey with that fabulous color palette?

And if you wear one…accessorize!


It’s the must-have of the season! I understand Marcus Bachmann is trying to find one in his size…


Very polite and courageous young man. I hope that he and Sam the Man Bradford will get St Louis rolling again.

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The pun is unintentional, I’m sure.

JohnnyCleveland! JohnnyFootball was his NCAA-master’s name. Go unionization!

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I hope he gets a decent cut of the gross sales.

Maybe Michelle will wear it as a turn on for him…Nah.

Nice double-entendre. Posters are at the top of their game this morning!

Only thing that gets ol’ Doc Marcus going is when she sings a medley from “Rent” while wearing a strap-on.

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Unlikely, unless his contract stipulates. As a 7th-round pick, I doubt that it does.

Well, you said accessorize. Wouldn’t the dildo qualify?