Discussion: Mich. GOPer: Planet Fitness Policy On Trans Members Is 'Anti-Woman'

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Yes, because clearly his wife is the victim in all of this. That makes him a victim. And by extension, all conservatives are victims. The one transgender person who merely wanted to use the changing room they wanted is the evil bully.


“…threatens the safety of women…”


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There’s a T-shirt thrown in with membership. That was the draw, not just the ability to look at lady parts.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story than what has been reported, but the woman who filed the complaint says that she saw what appeared to be a man in the women’s locker room. She was uncomfortable with that and it makes sense.

If Planet Fitness’ policy is that anyone should use whichever locker room they prefer to use then yes, women are potentially in danger. At some point, the business does need to distinguish between transgendered members who are choosing to use the locker room with which they best identify and those men who simply want to use the women’s locker room because that’s where the women are.

As someone who spends a few hours a week in a women’s locker room, I know what what I’d do if I saw someone who was clearly a man, and not a transgender man getting showered and dressed nearby.

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I’ve met cis women who appear to be male unless one sees them naked. I’ve met trans women who appear to have been born female of body unless one sees them naked. What’s more, I have yet to find a single incident of a woman being assaulted in a bathroom or locker room by someone who is trans. The woman in question made a fuss that is not backed up by anything other than her transphobia.

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I have yet to meet someone who was “clearly a man” in any women’s bathroom or locker room.

I did meet a cis woman who I first thought was trans in one though.

“My wife has been a member at the Planet Fitness in Midland”

Aaaah, now we get to the heart of it. Must’ve been quite the harangue she vomited at the dinner table some recent evening.


I would have bet a paycheck this was a republican just from the headline.

Well, what? You can’t go saying that and then not tell haha

Every single Republican is convinced that EVERYBODY thinks just like they do, therefore: "I want to go into the women’s locker room and rape women becomes; “EVERYBODY wants to go into the womens locker room and rape women.”


I’m gonna go out on a limb here haha:

  1. Trans-man in ladies locker room - perhaps a bit uncomfortable for the ladies, but I dunno about threatening. Trans folks are just like the rest of us in a locker room: keep the head down, no looking or staring…ooooh yuck, didn’t want to see that…head back down…stop talking to me while you’re nekked you douche…get dressed and leave asap. Plus, I imagine she’s probably going to be even more shy about it than the rest. What’s the worry…that someone’s going to fake it just to get in there? They can do that already if they can manage to pass as a lady.

  2. Trans-lady in men’s locker room - All you guys out there raise your hand if you’ve been throbbin’ it to fantasies of Chaz Bono. Yeah, thought so. So, threatening? Not so much. And if the dudes in the locker room are gonna beat up on a trans-person, they’re gonna do it in or out of the locker room anyway.


I’d just wrap a towel around me and going running out into the hall screaming “There’s a rough hairy beast with eight hands in there!”

Or I’d get hold of one of the women on staff to come and peacefully eject him. Whichever would be more dramatic.

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threatens the safety of women

Precisely how is there a “THREAT” ? somebody who has journeyed down the path to being trans gender - just because they are ‘trans-gender’ represents a threat? HOW? just by their very existence? please explain

Is this similar to the bigoted backward GOP think that brought us -
Jewish heritage = obviously a Jew - disregard Episcopalian church membership
estranged Father was a Muslim = obviously must be a true Muslim - disregard being raised by Christian grandparents and 25 + years membership in Christian church.

GOP = my bigoted opinion of you entirely overrides your personal choices and your vision of yourself … my ‘RIGHTS’ include the privileged to be haughty & judgmental about every person in a sphere around me… and demand that they conform to MY standards.


She’s a victim on no evidence by proxy. It’s not a novel standard for right wing establishment pols.

What kind of a standard is that supposed to be: EVIDENCE? I think you’re failing to account for the fee-fees of the ignorant and magical of thinking.

So, if the woman in question gets her way, then someone else suffers. Equality means that everyone gets the same as the other. Not, prudish paranoid woman gets special treatment because prudish and paranoid.

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To date, I have yet to find a single incident of a trans woman assaulting a cis woman in a bathroom or locker room…and I have yet to find any evidence of a man pretending to be a trans woman assaulting a cis woman in a bathroom or locker room…but, of course, that does not matter to the bigots.

Of course, they seem to enjoy assaulting and killing trans women and never catching the cis men who do that kind of thing.

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Unfortunately, evidence is what’s important except to bigots.