Discussion: Miami Beach Official Blasts Florida's Inaction On Climate Change

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The choice is simple:

Strolling and tanning or Sea-World-for-humans.

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Change the name of the city to Atlantis.

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All they need is some caffeine and they’ll evolve into merpeople quickly enough.

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So where will the new boundary lines for Miami Beach be, and how soon will they be in effect? If in northern Florida, could explain the lack of action. (But I suspect all of Florida will be under water. It’ll be sad seeing all those seniors running from crocs.)

We have a gov who is an ass, and a legislature to match. Unfortunately, we have too many tea bag, redneck, troglodyte voters who believe God created the world, and science is blasphemy. Perhaps when their homes are permanently under water then they will believe…


As long as Rick Scott is Gov. there will be no response to climate change … until sea water is lapping at the steps of the state capitol.

When their homes are underwater, four things will be apparent:

(1) Granny and Gramps will Blame Obama (even if this happens long after he leaves Office)

(2) CNN and the rest of the MSM will agonize how “both sides” let this happen

(3) The rest of us will suffer (even Baggers)

(4) Voting patterns will remain about the same, for the same reason insurance rates are age-related ****

**** mass tendencies of vast numbers of people


♫…I got mah ocean front property in Arizona…♫

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This is an underhanded pitch for the idea of getting a consulting firm specializing in marketing to (a) get people 18-29 to vote and (b) get those who DO vote, vote for Democrats.

Their voting rate is abysmal.

I don’t really care if 3,475 people shoot the “marketing idea” down. Because that would mean THAT THE IDEA BEHIND IT IS DISCUSSSED.

Madison Avenue is already there.

As an aside to The Arizonan…

I would like to give a pop quiz and see just how many people already think you WOULD have Arizona ocean-front property RIGHT NOW.


“Amid reports on the Florida government’s failure to address climate change, Miami Vice Mayor Walter Harris is pushing for South Florida to secede from the rest of the state.”

The other day this person was identified as vice mayor of South Miami – different city than Miami.

Remember this: the so called average IQ is 100. That means mathematically that HALF our population is below that average… which, I think, is why bourbon was invented (for the upper half :wink: ) And why Fox News survives.

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My friend, I have thought about that many times.

florida ostriches with their heads buried in the sand have a 36% greater chance of drowning than non-florida ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. just saying.

Inaction is the action which will be followed by an equal and opposite reaction as sure as fear follows ignorance.

So many people engage in behaviours (not voting) out of things they see beyond their control and even things they cannot see.

This why those with the knowledge of social institutions and structures who then consciously mislead others for their own gain are so, well, evil. A person with limited exposure further limiting his/her exposure by watching FOX “news” is far far from the level of depravity of Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.