Discussion: Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Convicted Of Drug-Trafficking Charges In US Trial

Muy pronto, El Cheeto. Muy pronto.


The defense case lasted just half an hour. Guzman’s lawyers did not deny his crimes as much as argue he was a fall guy for government witnesses who were more evil than he was.

The defense equivalent of, “Whelp. I got nothin.”


Tunnels, you say? Hmmmm? And where were these tunnels? Hmmmmm…


Let’s ask Sean Penn.


So we won the war on drugs. Hooray! Will it be announced aboard an air craft carrier steaming into port. Will President “Bloated Face Sniffles A lot” need to do a bump before be declares victory.


A half-hour defense is “left it all on the battlefield.”?
Was this a court-appointed defender?

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I’m sure the jurors knew what their verdict would be long before they went out, but went over each count of the indictment to be sure.

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When are prosecutors going to obtain convictions against the billion dollar American drug cartel known as the Sackler family AKA the OxyContin Clan DBA Purdue Pharma?


Hey, El Chapo, welcome to the ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado (where the 1993 Trade Center mastermind is held.)

Go ahead and break out through a tunnel naked, especially in February. We won’t mind.

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El Cheeto- "I can run naked down a tunnel faster than anyone. Even with my espuelas. "


Mexican Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Convicted On All Drug-Trafficking Charges

Stock of digging equipment companies goes through the roof!

“Drug-trafficking and conspiracy” convictions. Yeah, sure. But absolutely NO COLLUSION! See?

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When their donations stop.

Legalize pot and cocaine and the El Chapos of the world will out of work in a week. Oh, and a hundred thousand more people won’t be murdered in the drug war between cartels. Just an idea.