Discussion: Menendez's Office: Senator's Actions Have Been 'Appropriate And Lawful'

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CNN is suspect, and may be charged in the near future

Not all ophthlamologists should not be measured by the self-certified Dr RandyP:…

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“As has been reported, the start of this investigation is suspect.” Anybody know what he’s talking about? The old stuff from his last campaign, or are the wingers already yelling about how it’s Obama’s revenge for Cuba and Iran? (Can’t stomach the prospect of checking out the RW cesspools myself…)

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‘The Start Of This Investigation Is Suspect’

Scratch a Dominican hooker, find a pay-to-play corruption scandal.


There was something very dodgy about the way this investigation started.

Edit to add: Remember this?

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Correction, Senator Adelson: YOU are the suspect.


Yeah, that’s the old stuff I was remembering; so I guess that’s what he’s referring to. Thanks.


On the one hand, it’s amazing timing (but not making me cry) that one of the most rabidly pro-NuttinYahoo and anti-Cuba senators on the Democratic side of aisle has the DoJ after him.

On the other hand, he’s a big crook and anyone who starts his defense by attacking the investigation instead of attacking the charges is hugely suspect in my book.


Senator, if I may offer a small correction; the way I read this story, YOU are a “suspect.” Enjoy your trial.


Yeah, pretty much sums up my opinion.

This guy is definitely corrupt, the Bernanke letter in 2009 showed that:

Over half the directors of that bank donated to Menendez.

Indeed it would not surprise me if the timing of the indictment coincided with the BB nonsense. Menendez has been one of the Dems who have fought Obama on his Iran plan. So let’s get his ass out and get a better guy in.


I look forward to understanding how this differs from every other senator or representative taking money from companies and lobbyists in exchange for actions on their behalf.

Blah, blah, blah.
Time to cut a deal with the Feds.

And it’s true enough that such (from Tuckie’s Daily Caller) is what set the wingers off into paroxysms when it first came up lo many months ago. Yet the outlines of this corrupt trips business with the Miami optho was also in those stories, albeit in a gorilla suit way in the back behind the big distracting heffalumps of underaged sexytime workers, and NONE of that was responded to in any way by Team Menedez. I recall suggestions in ‘insider’ establishment types that this “could” cause Menendez “ethics” issues, the heavy breathing implications being all about Congressional probes. But that would have been very tough for Majority Leader Reid to be seen leading on, no matter the direction, soooo it should have been reported JUST SO – assuming we had a competent Beltway press that wasn’t asking stoopid questions of the WH press officer and saying pundity bullcrap on the Sunday base-pandering politico tv shows. But of course was not.

So this is one of those ‘surprises’ that should NOT have been any sort of surprise at all for over 18 months now - and that’s the only thing allowing Menendez’s spokesminions to get away with this non-denial response. He and his said ZILCH on this front when if first came out, ZILCH in the intervening period, and STILL have ZILCH to say! The only rational conclusion is that he’s got no lawful or legal answer and all he’s got to go to is ‘selective prosecution’ … by his own party’s president’s choice for AG.

So long, Bob; watch out for the door.


Could a face like that lie to you? He’s got to be earnest right?

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Menendez On Possible DOJ Charges: ‘The Start Of This Investigation Is Suspect’

The Rocky & Chriswinkle Show:
“Look Rocky-- nuthin’upmysleeve…”
“Aw Chriswinkle that trick never works…”

Bet CNN thinks Menendez’s issues will provide cover for Christie.
But that trick never works.



It’s true. The start of the investigation was suspect, what with the Peter Williams character who could not ever be verified. But the FBI continued the investigation, and Menendez belatedly reimbursed his dear friend the cost of the flights to the Dominican Republic.

It’s also the case that Menendez’s office is not saying the entire investigation is suspect.

Interesting statement from his office.

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“As has been reported, the start of this investigation is suspect.”

WTF does that even mean?

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That statement has been sticking in my mind for nearly an hour now. They’re trying to say that this investigation should have ended with the teenage prostitute claims that were unverifiable, and then recanted.

But without the investigation, that would never have happened.

What they do not seem to be saying is that the entire investigation is suspect.

My guess? They know they will have, at the last, the perception of a problem if the investigation leads to a charge.

It was a weird statement.