Discussion: Menendez Proclaims His Innocence: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'

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As a peace-loving American, I hope they send his punk ass to jail.


unlike republicons who seem to circle the wagons on their corrupt and lieing sacks of shit…if menendez is guilty …I’ll drive his ass to prison myself …we dont need our represenitives acting like corrupt republicons … we have enough of that already…see the 2014 elections

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Maybe, just maybe, the DOJ did not spend a couple of years investigating Menendez, a sitting US Senator, and decide to indict him on some weak or silly charge(s). Pro forma flap-jawing on the part of Menendez, methinks.

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Sure, Bob. Sure.

Here’s the latest DOJ comment on the Menendez indictment rumors as of today March 7, 2015:

Yeah, and the corrupt Governor who’ll be appointing your replacement says the same thing. At this point, it’s what logic designers term a “race condition” to see who resigns first.

A tip to Senator Menendez: should you end up as cell mates with Christie, insist on taking the top bunk. Having him land on top of you in the middle of the night could only be termed a rude awakening.

Good Gawd, Amighty! The corruption in NJ makes Chicago look like a kindergarten. Chris Christie is corrupt enough for 8 or ten states; now add the big BM from the Senate and the race to the bottom is full-throttle.

Seems that there is just too much smoke around Menendez, and has been for years, not to check/investigate for fire!