Discussion: Melber, Sekulow Tussle Over Claim That Trump Was Exonerated In Russia Probe

So, I’m no fancy big city lawyer.

But can someone explain to me the practical, real world difference between “exonerated” (but uncharged), “not exonerated” (but uncharged), and “guilty as hell” but uncharged?


And again, where are the Dems doing the circuit pushing back hard against this nonsense 24/7? I’m sure, as more and more of the report comes out, it will show all sorts of slimy, traitorous behavior by the Trump crime family, by why let these scumbags dominate the narrative for days and days, only to then try to play catch-up? Dems should be out there RIGHT NOW saying that all we know right now is that Trump’s hand-picked toady is refusing to pursue charges against him. There is nothing to exonerate Trump. Why is messaging so hard for the Dems?


They’re actually doing pretty well with it-- it’s a steady mantra of “release the report”, sprinkled with a bit of, “if there’s nothing to hide”…

Give it a few days. We’re less than 48 hours since the memo was released, and the networks are only now starting to get over their “no collusion” mantra and actually dig more into the substance of the memo, which clearly raised a lot more red flags than just the decision to not bring charges.


The last two only require putting a boot-licking toady in charge of making the decision.


“More light will likely be shed on this issue when the full report is released”

Go ahead…dare ya…


They ARE out there, right now, pushing back HARD against this, but the feckless and money-obsessed MSM is IGNORING THEM and running with the White House meme of “COMPLETELY EXONERATED” because they know it will help their reporters keep their prized-above-all-else “access” to the White House during the upcoming 2020 campaign.
They have weighed their options and have cynically decided that the near $1 Billion in Campaign Cash that Trump will have to dole out in advertising $$$ is more important to them than any Constitutional Crisis (just like they did in 2016.)

The Democrats and Pundits who are pushing back against this are now shouting in the wilderness and the Public Perception Bandwagon has rolled on by them.


And said toady appointed by the guy he is going to be clear.

Whether or not a sitting President can be indicted becomes a moot point once it becomes impossible to do so.

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Release the damn report already. To the average person, withholding the report looks like a cover-up.


If you are a mainstream Republican the Muller report of no criminal collusion is the worst possible outcome. Most mainstream Republicans know full well the Trump is a POS and they hate him too. But, the only hope that the Republican Party had for returning to some degree of respectability was for Trump to be clearly shown to be a traitor such that even his ardent supporters would have to say he must go. That didn’t happen, and it’s not going to happen. So the Republican party is now stuck with Trump as their dominating leader and undisputed standard bearer, and he will remain so long after he leaves office -up until the day he dies.


We shut it off when Sekulow came on. That’s what we do now every time they bring on one of these lying fools. Sorry, MSNBC. Not doing it anymore.

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To the “average person” the entire thing is now over, because their news sources have told them so and in the transactional world they live in, the President won, the Democrats lost. Game over.

They will now go back to obsessing on Facebook and Instagram and hating everyone they are told by the MSM to hate.

Sure the pundits and the policy wonks will argue incessantly about the Mueller Report and what is actually contained in it, but to the average low-information-voter, it’s a done deal and they will return to scrambling for a living.


Nah. Trumpster and the ATTORNEY GENERAL (the smartest lawyer in the land) said the only thing in it is hundreds of pages of “NO COLLUSION. TRUMP INNOCENT. DEMOCRATS GUILTY!”.

Therefore, there’s no reason to release it, and hiding it doesn’t proclaim any sort of guilt.

The same show had Eric Holder on, emphasizing that Mueller report must be released & that Barr statement was not enough.If I’m remembering correctly, there was a former prosecutor and Corey Booker - all calling for release.


Ari really got under his skin quite successfully, and rather easily. Sekulow is a so called “christian” creep lawyer, with his fake charitable company handing out fat paying jobs to his family members.


Finally something Dems can fit on a bumper sticker: “Where’s the full report?”


I don’t know why Melber ever interviews Sekulow. Sekulow constantly talks over Melber, which drives me absolutely nuts, so I change the channel.


Release the Report

Get Mueller to testify to Congress.

And more. There is no way that what is IN the Report will not come out. And when it does, Trump and Barr will regret it.


GOPers are trained to talk over people. I would regularly see one of them talk over four other guests on Maher.

I once saw Marsha Blackburn completely fluster Lawrence O’Donnell (who usually does better) with non-stop word-salad in 2011.

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So had the Special Counsel waited two years to issue any indictments, then all at once issued a report that went to Congress and then the public saying that it had found crimes among 37 of the players in Trump’s campaign and others and was issuing indictments for them, and then listed all of the evidence for obstruction of justice by the President, this would obviously have had a devastating impact on Trump and his family and Administration.

Instead through sleight of hand we have an opinion by Barr about the report being accepted by the majority of journalists and pundits as “the report”, and then the flood of “now that the report says there was no obstruction” articles follow.

I’m not that surprised at the whitewash and coverup, but I must admit I’m a little surprised that everyone in the mainstream media, “the bigs” as Josh put it the other day, is being played this easily, just folding without a whimper as he pointed out also.

I even think that Manjoo for example has some valid points in the body of his article, but that opening “Okay now that we know that the report says that there was no wrongdoing” is just comical. And pathetic. Do the majority of people have that little ability to engage in even the most basic critical thinking so as to not be played this easily? Don’t answer that.