Discussion: Melania Trump Fires Back At Trump's First Wife For Calling Herself 'First Lady'

The ever classy Trump women.


I can already hear Wife #1…“Oh, it’s on bitch!”

When does Marla get in on this act? Inquiring minds want to know…whereas the rest of us really don’t give a shit.


For fuck’s sake, we have a lunatic moron in the White House who wants to start simultaneous wars with Iran and North Korea and is asking advisors “what’s so wrong about using nuclear weapons?”

Who gives a fuck about what Trump’s wives think of each other and whether or not Hillary or Meryl Streep should condemn Harvey Weinstein. Fuck this celebrity gossip bullshit, AP. Just get on with it,

Sorry for the rant.


You don’t understand the value of gossip. It’s probably why we evolved language.

Claws are out. More popcorn, please

Ooooh. . . . a cat fight!

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Well luckily that’s what they’ve got WWF’s Linda McMahon over at the Small Business Administration to straighten out. I’m sure she can settle the matter.

Reality TV Bullshit is never far from this Freakshow Family affair…In fact now, its splattered all over our fucking government as well, whether we like it or not.

Personally…I do not. Its a g-ddamn embarassment. One of way too many.


Funny stuff lol
Bring it on trumpets, a good comedy sideshow is just the laugh I need every now and then to keep me above the Demoralized American Syndrome Disease taking over most of the country.
Continue please.

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Welcome to the Real Housewhores of Washington DC.


I’m first lady, ok?

I wonder how large Melania’s nostrils got when she read heard that.

Grisham suggests Ivana Trump is trying to “sell books.”

Get back to me when she makes the government buy a few million dollars’ worth of them.

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That’s exactly what they’re trying to do. Sell books. Not much else is going on here imo.

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She`s doing a KAC - 70 year old woman trying to look 40 .