Discussion: Megyn Kelly Hits Hillary For Saying She's An 'Outsider' As A 'Woman'

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Hillary would be the first woman President or Vice President. (Despite her sophistry, Megyn is not the first woman anchor.) In that sense, Hillary is right that she can be looked upon as an outsider.


Funny how Megyn has never mentioned the GOP candidates clear attempts at going for the racist and ignorant vote.


Exactly, plenty of other women fought for and won the right for Megyn Kelly to be where she is now. And a lot of them didn’t have to wear short skirts to get their spot.


Lady in Denial says: Let’s just pretend that women never get insulted in this country simply on the basis of their biological functioning. If we ignore it, it will be just like it never happened.


Evidently, I didn’t receive the memo about Democrats giving a shit about the opinions of Megan Kelly.


“I am not an outsider to the anchor ranks.” Yes, Meghan, we know since at least the 1970s…

[quote=“DSWX, post:4, topic:27659, full:true”]
Funny how Megyn has never mentioned the GOP candidates clear attempts at going for the racist and ignorant vote.
[/quote]Or Carly Fiorina’s “This Face” ad, which was a blatant ploy for the female vote.

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Well, in GOP politics (where Kelly resides) “outsider” = “totally unqualified to run for dogcatcher,” so Kelly’s correct. Hillary is not an “outsider.” She is, however a “pioneer,” a “trendsetter,” and a “breaker of glass ceilings.”

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Here is an abbreviated version of the insight, substance…well, the importance of everything FOX news reader, shill and wallpaper bunny Megyn Kelly had to say____straight from what passes for her brain:

Ugh, girlfriend needs to get rid of those tacky hair extensions if she wants to be taken seriously.


Following the first Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly criticized Hillary Clinton for her comment that she was an “outsider” candidate as a woman.

Has she also criticized Jeb Bush for claiming to be an outsider?


“It was clearly an attempt to go for the female votes” said Ms. Kelly. So was Carly Fiorina’s response to Trump when she said “every woman in America heard what you said” Your point Ms. Kelly is as republican as three dollar bill…Phony!


She said she was an outsider as the first woman President. Get your facts on Megyn.


WHAT, well Meg, what part of Trumps statement about bleeding DIDN’T you understand? Or as an ‘OUTSIDE’ why should you bother, RIGHT’?


Well Megyn, you’re barely an anchor, and far more Rupert Murdoch’s Golden Retriever, while HRC will be the first female President of the United States. You’re not even in the same plane of existence with her, though feel free to keep yapping away. It’s the one trick you know best.

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Megyn Kelly should be supporting Hillary Clinton because she wouldn’t impose a peroxide embargo!!!

Soooooo…we are supposed to care what that imbecile Megan Kelly says?

“It was clearly an attempt to go for the female vote.”

I like how Megyn has to explain what courting female voters looks like to the Fox audience. Clearly something they’ve never seen before. It’s all so scary and upsetting.

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