Discussion: Meet The White Supremacist Trying To Shut Down ASU's ‘Problem Of Whiteness’ Course

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Well. Seems to me that the people upset about this class’s examination of the idea of whiteness are dramatizing the reason why examining the idea of whiteness in a class isn’t such a bad idea. There appear to be things to talk about.


Oh please…more scared white people, afraid that if they get knocked off the mountain, the evil colored hordes might do to them what they’ve been doing to the hordes for centuries.


Seriously, “The Problem of Whiteness”? Were you trying to troll for FOX noise viewers? Frankly, It;s the dumbest name for a class since U.C. Santa Cruz’s “Introducing Young Children to Birds of Prey”.


See? This is why white people can’t have nice things!


Seems to me that a college professor in the state that elected Evan Mecham might have known the storm this would have created and might just have named the course English 203 and done without the hassle.


Speaking as a Marine veteran (there are no ex-Marines), and a white guy, I can honestly say that white people are “the root cause of social injustices for this country.” When I was growing up in the South, it was well known that no matter how trashy, uneducated, or impoverished a white person might be, he was at least better than those black people (and brown people in Texas). Success of minorities in this country threatens that cherished position on the lower rung of society. So we (collectively) do everything we can to suppress their upward mobility, we disenfranchise their right to vote, we strip public education to the bones, and we complain anytime they show pride in their heritage (instead of ours). And OMG, we get hysterical if anyone dares to point this out. So, fellow Marine, put your big boy panties on and deal with this. White people are  “the root cause of social injustices for this country” and we have an obligation to do something about it.


Just look at the residents of AZ as a microcosm…a melange of disassociated white people and the brown people who “oppress” them.


“…white interests…”

So blind.

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Exceptionally well-put.


A smart leader would tell his people to quit behaving exactly like the problem they feel themselves unfairly accused of being. A responsible leader would tell people to quit harassing anyone who isn’t a politician. Politicians beg for the privilege of hearing the stupid ramblings of random dipshits but nobody else should be subjected to it involuntarily.


I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with what seems to be the general reaction of most TPM responses.

I think a class like this is in no way an un-biased attempt to look at race relations, but instead, simply a forum to bash a great majority of whites who are not racist, in order to satisfy some need on the part of some people to make them feel holier than thou.

Personally, I think a companion course, The problem with Teen-Age Blacks, looking at the attitudes, and causes and effects of those attitudes, of young blacks, would be very appropriate.

Let’s face it, more of the problems in the Black community today are caused by the “Thug Culture” than by white racism. When young blacks stop denigrating the benefits of education and work in the legal economy, the overall conditions in the Black community will begin to improve. Until that happens, sadly most of the Black community will continue to wallow in their perception of being downtrodden.

First off, you are not sorry or you would not have taken the time to write what you said. The problem with whites is that whites have the control of power, black children do not. What whites do affects everyone what black children do stays in their community. There is no white race, white people belong to the same race as everyone else, the human race, and as we all have a common acquaintance within six degrees of separation, within twenty degrees we all have a common relative. The idea that you can have a talk about race relations without talking about the white problem is ridiculous. The problem is living in this world and not seeing the problem.


You’re missing the point of what white privilege is. Simply put, it’s that white people benefit by being white even if they have nothing else going for them.


“The Problem of Whiteness.” “The Problem of Blackness.” “The Problem of ISIS.” “The Problem of Potty Training.” Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera.

It is better to talk about it all.

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Very nicely put! I just wish more white folk had your capacity for rational discourse and self-awareness. A lot of the ones I know definitely do not. Most simply do not care… unless anyone shakes up the status quo and mentions it or they read an article on it and it’s instant ultra-freakout, as in the ASU case. And almost all are rather forcefully, stubbornly, actively, and knowingly oblivious in their lack of empathy towards the life experiences of different race and/or ethnicity.


You confuse racism with racist. I agree that the majority of whites are not racist (though people of color may have a different opinion). The problem is that the system operates to support the status quo and the status quo is weighted against non-whites. And, people outside of the system have little power to make significant changes to that system. This is compounded by the actions of (some) whites to make sure the status quo does not change by suppressing the votes of minorities, denying quality education and healthcare to the poor, supporting regressive tax policies that unfairly favor the wealthy, etc. So, no one is saying all of white folks are racist. Only that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.


Even as a black person, I can’t usher too much sympathy towards the university. Granted, there should be no excuse or condoning violence. However, these “whiteness studies” have been going on for 20 years or more, and are part of “deconstruction” of social reality.

The teacher using the term “problem of whiteness” sets up a whole set of dynamic that could have been avoided if he used "the politics of demographic chage in American society. The use of term “problem” can invoke an unease that a segmrent of a population has to be dealt with. I’m quite sure in American history that has been questions re the “Negro problem” or the “Indian problem.”

No one in the article comes out looking good. It’s another example of the late Robert Hughes’s observation re American society: the culture of complaint.


Aw Geeze … now I hafta feel oppressed (hangs head).
I tell ya folks, my state is “special” isn’t it? Arizona (sigh) …beautiful place but a lotta less than coherent people.


that was what I thought. The class itself sounds great and necessary…the name is invite for every white supremacist with a YouTube account.

If it gets people into the class …OK but if the class gets cancelled due to increased hostility or threats of violence …then what the heck was accomplished?