Discussion: Medical Experts Worry About Trump Admin Testing DNA To Reunite Families

Try it on the Trump family first - mismatches all round .

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Trump should get Dershowitz on the case. He’ll slaughterize any claims of parenthood from “DNA.”

“This could actually hurt the child,” Murray added.

Isn’t that an integral part of the Cockholster kidnapping pogrom?

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Good article. Americans seem to want to fall over and over for a presumed technological quick-fix - which is why we have black-box voting machines with no paper trail and no mechanism for verifying the actual votes. DNA testing is one of those things. It is simply astounding how unreliable such testing often is in crime labs, due to poor handling and cross-contamination and ambiguous results reported as being definitive. Even those ancestry DNA searches are reporting on statistical presumptions and are easily thrown off by underrepresented populations.

Even if the testing done here is careful and accurate and repeatable, why on earth go though that stress and expense rather than rely on the actual legal documents? It’s turned into just another excuse for careless handling of papers that are critically important to the immigrants and refugees; why one earth should we trust that the lab tests are being handled with any more care?