Discussion: McDaniel: Runoff Was 'Most Unethical, Maybe 'Most Illegal' In State History

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No, what we’re seeing is the sorest loser in Mississippi history. Dude, you lost. Get over it.

Outside of the bubble, your brand of Tea Party extremism scares the crap out of people, and this vote reflects that.


Then there is this, from 6 yrs ago.

From 2008:

RUSH: Operation Chaos. What did that black website name this yesterday? I’m having a mental block. The Rush Vote. Listen to this. This is from somebody by the name of John K. Wilson at the Huffington Post today. Headline:

"Mississippi, ‘Limbaugh Effect’ Softens Blow for Hillary Clinton –
Hillary Clinton suffered a huge defeat last night in Mississippi, and now faces an insurmountable pledged delegate lead by Barack Obama. But what most pundits missed was the fact that Obama’s victory would have been even more overwhelming in Mississippi (and he might have won the popular vote in Texas) if not for the ‘Limbaugh Effect’: Republicans voting in the Democratic primary in order to undermine Barack Obama and help John McCain. … In the voting during January and February, Republicans were an average of 3.8% of the voters in the Democratic Primary, and they heavily supported Obama. But for the primaries in March, in Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi, Republicans have been 8% of the voters in the Democratic primary, and now they heavily support Hillary Clinton. This is definite proof of the ‘Limbaugh Effect’ coming through."


McDaniel’s campaign is one of no surrender – to the truth. He also conveniently forgot about 90 years of Mississippi history (although the aspect of racial bigotry and voter suppression was by no means unique to the Magnolia State during that time period.)


We will let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike.

So it is written. So it shall be done.


Well certainly does not know much about the history of his own state does he? He lost and he can’t face that realtiy. All the rest is just noise for feed the hungry idiotic base. Get a life pal!


When Democrats do it, it is unethical and illegal.

But when Republicans do it, that’s OK.


McDaniel should take a page out of Sore Loserman’s book and run for the Senate as an Independent candidate. I’d support that. The Tea Party has tried to ride the coattails of the Republican Party for long enough. It’s time for them to stand on their own. Mississippi may get the first Democratic Senator since the implementation of the Southern Strategy.


What is it with the Tea Party and hyperbole? They are most hyperbolic people who have ever existed in the entire history of the universe.


So either the runoff election was insanely and incomprehensibly unethical, or McDaniel has a very poor understanding of Mississippi history. You can be the judge of that.

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Still waiting for first even minor shred of a hint of actual, you know, evidence of these substantial, serious, perhaps even federal crimes.
But yea, we know you’re just grifting your rubes for $$ at this point.


I guess they’re having a problem with coming up with those “thousands of examples of vote fraud”. Yep.


Churchill he is not.


What’s Black and couldn’t be suppressed?

Voting in Mississippi.


Dear ignorant, dumbservative white trash of Mississippi,

You’re not gonna take this are you? You know Cochran is in cahoots with Obama on this, the evidence is overwhelming. Soon all the good white Christians will be gay married off to illegal immigrant Muslims in FEMA camps unless you rise up in a write-in campaign for McDumbfuck. COME ON DUMBFUCKISTANIS…YOU CAN DO IT!


Well, he is typical of the Republican establishment in some ways. Accuse your opponent in the loudest possible way of your own sins and prejudices.

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Speaking of Democrats I’ve suggested to TPM that they provide some coverage on the Democrat who’s running against Cochran, Travis Childers, who is a DINO but at least he’s not an R. Still waiting…


sore loserman!

I read a tweet earlier today that some of the illegal votes were cast with different color ink than others…clearly evidence of federal crimes.

Update, there it is…

“Michael Simmons‏@MikesMadison
I’ve been told some of the votes are “questionable” because there was different color pen ink. Sadly, this is not a joke.”

I would rather read about another set of gum balls falling out of the mouths of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter or even gasp Sara Palin than another word about Mr. Whinney pants.