Discussion: McDaniel Lawyers Expect Formal Challenge In Next 10 Days

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“The Cochran campaign, through race-baiting, took us back 50 years.”

Cochran’s an underachiever. McDaniel could take Mississippi back the full 150 years.


Wow, look at all the non-whites in that picture! It’s shocking, isn’t it?


Tick-tock… tick-tock

McDaniel’s attorney now saying that votes from black Dems “diluted the REAL vote.”

African American votes aren’t “real” votes, but it’s Cochran’s tactics that ruined race relations. Got it.


Without any doubt or hestitation, I select this as my favorite current law suit or threat to sue.

Long may she sail.

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Don’t want to dilute the picture.



Ten more days. Keep those dollars coming, rubes.


I can understand most of what is going on here, but for fuck’s sake, the whole “getting blacks to vote for him makes Cochran the REAL racist” is a line I just can’t comprehend.

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Keep it going. Cochran’s lead over Childers is still double digit. We need McDaniel to bring that way down


“McDaniel is going to have to make a decision at some point in how far he pursues this,” Chocola said Tuesday in a meeting with staff of The Wall Street Journal."

“The aftermath is not our business or expertise,” Chocola said."

He probably went on to say, in MN we messed up a recount with Norm Coleman and there in MS it is a clear loss. Time is money you know.

Headline Fix:
‘McDaniel Coffers Should Reach Grift Goals In Next 10 Days’



Notice over the last week there’s not been a peep out of True The Vote’s Katherine Engelbrecht or Ted Cruz?
I’d guess there’s less money to go around than they first thought.


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Either that or else Team McDaniel offers a fully packed, um, blanket coverage, from derp to nuts, that narrower, principled- and/or evidence-based white supremacist campaigns simply can’t complete with.

Sort of like a full service bait shop: ‘McDaniel: the single-focus white bigot candidate for all your race-baiting needs’.

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It’s Mississippi. Kinda poor you know.

There’s a whole lot of hand-waving going on.
Time for the McDaniel campaign to put up or shut up.

When Rand Paul was accused of plagiarism he presented a new definition that either he or somebody else made up. Everybody stuck with the original definition. I wonder what new defintion for Black, McDaniels will come up with

Chris McDaniel’s lawsuit has a better basis in law, the constitution and reality than John Boehner’s pre-impeachment lawsuit against President Obama for doing his job.

Shorter McDaniel: My oppenent read the rules and found out that anyone who’d not voted in the other party could vote in our runnoff. That sneak! I lost. That’s not fair. Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Mississippi is part of southern red state of Somalia land. Ignorant people running around with guns looking for someone to shoot while waiting for their next welfare check so they can buy some more bullets. If these morons would have won the Civil War, the north would be supporting them with aid just as they now do with welfare. The only way this type a crap is going to stop is for all center left to far left folks to vote the southern TBaggers out and center left to progressives in. There is no time in history where this country has made any intellectual progress with the right was in office. They are just too anti everything except for their corporate and religious over lords.