Discussion: McConnell: Senate Won't Weigh In On Cruz's Birther Debacle

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Gosh, I wonder why…something to do with his skin color? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah…


I’m fine with the Senate not bothering with this. I wonder if it would stay just as far out of the fray if this was a story about Hillary Clinton.

Since then Cruz has seen numerous lawmakers support his eligibility, including fellow presidential candidate Jeb Bush and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Bush and Romney are lawmakers?


Don’t want to see a bloody fistfight right there on the Senate floor, eh, McConnell?


TRANSLATION - “Dear colleague Cruz … I could possibly try to smooth this out … but in light of the total pain-in-the-ass that you have been … pass”


Short McConnell: We dont want this issue to die at all. We cant stand Cruz. Please keep this matter alive and ensure that Cruz is decimated. By senate legitimizing his presidency, it will be over too soon.


Because if they ignore the birther angle then they can ignore the fact that they are all convenient birthers.
Plus, it may be true, one of their most popular leaders may be posing as an American, wrongly seated as a Senator and completely ineligible to be President. And after all the squawking about President Obama’s birth certificate, they would look like total idiots for doing the exact thing that they have claimed negates Obama.

They were once proud birthers but without anything to show for it but a more crazed base, they are now closeted birthers playing dumb.


This is great. Now the question can hang over Cruz for the rest of the campaign…maybe become the focus of their convention. I’d love to see a floor fight. Imagine all types of Far Right Republicans from Birthers to gun nuts to reality show celebrities to Aryan Nation or religious fanatics stepping up to the podium and hating…on each other.

Maybe that would finally convince voters that they All need to go from the Senate and every other political office?

Let the fights begin.


So very true – but they sure don’t mind looking like (and being) total idiots any other day. From my perspective, I hope Trump, Fiorina and the others keep alluding to this. Keep the light shining on their blatant hypocrisy.


McConnell, in typical kneejerk style, is obstructing the investigation into Cruz’s eligibility because, Obama and that’s just what he does.

Trump won’t back off and JebBush has to play dirty to win so he’s gotta discredit Cruz any way possible and Cruz is despised almost universally, so everyone sees him as an outsider that should just go away.
Obviously, the Republican Party isn’t against Birfing to win, even though it’s a proven loser.


They’ve softened their voters minds so much that they would vote for a rubber chicken with a, Made in China, sticker pasted to it’s beak. Dumb is just the normal mode of communication for the Repubs these days. Normal and common dumb is their strength oddly enough.


I guess Cruz shouldn’t have called McConnell a liar from the floor of the Senate.


What about Cruz’s eligibility to be a member of the Senate?

The ‘natural born’ part is irrelevant, Cruz was never naturalized. So if he didn’t get citizenship from his parents at birth, he isn’t a citizen now. He isn’t eligible to reside in the country, let alone be a member of the Senate.


Gosh, I wonder why…something to do with his skin color? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

For once, I honestly think this isn’t the GOP being racist. If it were Rubio, they’d have done it ten times by now.

People who have to interact with him just legitimately, truly despise Cruz on his own personal merits. No one bears the brunt of that more than Senate Republicans.


Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business; but a smaller Number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent Members, in such Manner, and under such Penalties as each House may provide.

Article 1, Sec. 5, U.S. Constitution

The Senate has a constitutional duty to assess the Qualifications of its own Members. This aspect has nothing to do with the race for the Presidency. To be a Senator you must be a citizen and in Cruz’s case, this means that his Mother must have been a citizen at the time he was born. Enough questions have been raised by her appearing on the voter roles in Calgary that the Senate should simply ask Canada if she ever became a citizen there. If not, game over. If so, the Senate would have to decide if she became a Canadian citizen intending to renounce her citizenship so as to lose American citizenship.

If he fails to do this, Sen. McConnell loses all claims to be a strict Constitutionalist.

Even should the Senate decide that Cruz’s mother had taken out Canadian citizenship and that she had not intended to renounce American citizenship, this would not be conclusive in the Presidential race because since the assessing the credentials for the Presidency was not entrusted to either House of Congress, that assessment remains with the courts.

It’s funny - my first reaction on reading this article was that this was typical GOP hypocrisy - sweep the issue under the rug for one of their own. But on further reflection, I think you’ve nailed it. By refusing to take any position at all, McConnell is ensuring that the conspiracy nuts have a clear field to keep it going. Yeah, I think this is McConnell’s way of kneecapping Cruz. While pretending to stay above it all and say “Who me? I’m completely neutral on this.”


But you know they would trip all over themselves to clear the way for Rubio (if he was in any doubt), like they did for McGrumpyPants.

ETA: Payback’s a bitch, huh, Teddy boy!

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Actually, Congress (as a whole) is entirely responsible for assessing the validity of electoral votes. Congress meets in joint session after the electors have cast their votes to certify them. If there were, say, some 22-year-old who got electoral votes, this is where they’d be thrown out.

Probably someone could be kept off the ballot in any given state in the first place by judicial order, but Congress could certify the votes for a ham sandwich (or reject the ostensibly legitimate votes of a bona fide candidate) if it wanted to, and by the separation of powers doctrine it’s not clear that the Supreme Court could have much to say about it. The case study for this is the election of 1876, where Hayes was elected only after political bargains (and the report of a sham ad hoc “commission”) allowed the final certification of four states’ electoral votes.

It would take a functioning Congress all of about five minutes to establish that Cruz can legally become president, but then in a functioning Congress Cruz wouldn’t be a senator in the first place.


His skin color?? Cruz is white. His ethnicity is Cuban, be he’s as white as Mitch McConnell…