Discussion: McConnell: Senate Will 'Do Health Care Next Week,' Even With Recess Delay

We simply, as a result of all this obstructionism

Go fuck yourself, Yertle.


Gotta to work fast to screw over millions of Americans. Try to draw off attention from that Russia thing.


I gotta get this passed before this russian thing takes us all out


Congratulations, Yertle: you and your stalking-horse the Great Orange Mango managed to radicalize a wider swath of the demographic than Nixon or the Vietnam War ever did.

Yup. Reeks of desperation. Trying to beat the clock.

“We simply, as a result of all this obstructionism, don’t
 have enough time to address all of these issues between
     now and the originally anticipated August recess,”
                    McConnell said.


Oh my dog, I love Ali Velshi. (My love is torn between him and Ari Melber.). He is killing it on MSNBC today.

He just nailed Dave Hoppe, Ryan’s former Chief of Staff who now is an R healthcare guy, on the new study showing Obamacare is stabilized. He opened the interview with:

“Are you prepared to admit right now on live television, on MSNBC, that you’re sorry for saying that Obamacare was in a death spiral, because it’s not.”

Then he opened the next segment by saying, “I don’t tend to use air quotes but I’m going to use it here. President Trump’s [air quotes] election integrity commission [close air quotes] is looking into the debunked claim of millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 election. …”.

Alternate title: Mitch Does DallasMedicaid Recipients1