Discussion: McCaskill: Rubio 'Folded Like A Cheap Shotgun' On Immigration Bill (VIDEO)

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Nailed it. Where are Rubios new ideas? The crap coming from his mouth is nothing but the same ol same ol we’ve seen from the right for the last 30 years. Backward social policies and cutting taxes for the rich. Nothing new about that.


Not only did he fold like a cheap shotgun, he shot himself in both feet as well!


Drain holes


Quote is from B.H. Laforest’s Shadow Partner…Page 325

As long as politicians need votes to stay in office–and I hope that continues–they’ll be changing their views like this forever and as they always have. What? You want your representatives to be unaccountable to the people they represent?

“McCaskill: Rubio ‘Folded Like A Cheap Shotgun’ On Immigration Bill”

Who writes this stuff?

I was taught that shotguns break, they do not fold.
The only reference I can find is a 1915(!) hunting magazine, that appears to have been part of some ad copy, rather than a major article.
Senators should know words, and how to use them. And what is more, so ought the people who write them for her. It makes her sound as dumb as Rubio.


Let us harken back to the days of yester-week when Rubio folded like a “house of cards.”

Doesn’t anybody fold like a cheap suit anymore?


As I have said before Rubio is the youngest looking septuagenarian in the country. He caters exclusively to the oldest, most afraid of the tea party and worn out old Cuban emigrants. He is their good little boy and they keep patting him on the head like a puppy.


How 'bout: “Rubio folded up like the 7 extra dimensions in cheap 10-dimensional hyperspace.”


Hmm, thanks, must admit I think it is a pretty bad expression, not much Raymond Chandler over it.

Peter…Note it is from a Novel by B.H… LaForest…Shadow Partners

Who listens to Rush Limbaugh anymore? I thought that was a 90’s thing.

Everybody is looking for a good simile to describe how someone folded. So far we have seen ‘house of cards’ and now, a ‘cheap shotgun.’ which I didn’t even know that they did. Myself, I prefer ‘folded like a card table.’ It’s pithy and everyone except ‘Buffy’ and ‘Tad’ in the billiard room has seen one

Actually, its “folding like a cheap tent” or “like a cheap suit”, but mixing metaphors is the least of Sen. McCaskill’s problems. Politically, she’s a dead (wo)man walking come the next election unless the GOP nominates another damned fool who’s too stupid to hide it. She’s not liberal enough to get that many progressives excited and seems to go out of her way at times to piss them off.

So who do they represent? The clowns who vote in the Republican primaries or the majority of the voters in their state?

So how many Republicans have you seen hiding their damn foolishness lately?

Cheap parachute?

Amazing how perfectly clear it is what she meant, even though the cheap folding shotgun reference makes no sense at all.

I never knew that cheap shotguns were that easy to fold…cheap suits, yes.