Discussion: McCain: Transgender Individuals 'Should Be Allowed' To Serve In Military

Trump disgraces the Prisoner of Zenda uniform he wore in military school…

(PS-Wish we all enjoyed a terrific old age with healthcare like the Senator’s)

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Who will be the first numbnuts to actually defend Trump on this? I know there’s somebody out there who’s dumb and backwards enough.

Put my chips on Corbyn.

I see this news caught Sidney on a good day :ugh:


No, it’ll be either Lyin’ Ryan or McTurtle.

John McCain rises from his death bed and gives a great speech on bipartisanship and than casts the deciding vote for the most partisan bill in American history. Any bets on how he will vote should transgender people serving in the military actually come up for a senate vote, cause I bet he will fall in line.



Republican opponents of transgender people serving in the military include Vicky Hartzler, a congresswoman from Missouri, who wants transgender service members honourably discharged.

Five Deferment Don knows more about the military then anyone so this must be right.
He learned this from the women he was screwing who were whispering in his ear how wonderful and brave he was.


I don’t see what’s not clear about “under any circumstances” but Senator McCain seems to be confused by it. McCain’s in a safe spot though and he kept that position safe by his choice of words. He can say what he likes. The changes will be made by Executive Order which he has no skin in. talk on John.

Exactly. And then mccain said he would not support the trumpcare bill, yet hours later when it was brought up for a vote, mccain voted for it. While it’s nice mccain spoke out in support of transgender military, we can’t trust him. When it comes to voting, mccain will vote party over principle every time.

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Trump attacks John McCain in . . . 5 . . .4 . . .3 . . .

Perhaps Trump will claim that McCain’s brains are addled.


McCain said in his speech Monday night that he vote to bring the bills to the floor for debate, but that HE WOULD NOT VOTE for the main bill as it stood.

Then he procedeed to vote for it anyway the very next day.

Who care what he says. Pretty words, and then fuck-all.


It’s a good thing there wasn’t a bill in front of McCain to ban Transgender individuals from serving, otherwise he would have to give another speech about how it is terrible to prevent them from serving while helplessly signing the bill preventing them from doing so.


As we learned yesterday, McCain’s words have no meaning. He should STFU.


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on Wednesday said transgender individuals “should be allowed to continue serving”

No, Senator McCain, they have a right to serve.


Can we finally arrive at this truth:
What McCain says doesn’t mean a damn thing!


I liked Sid McCrashcup a lot better when he was in the hospital, heavily sedated.

In fact, I was hoping that if I ever had to hear anything about him ever again it would be that he’d run off and joined Young@Heart. You know, that he was finally doing something useful.

It never did. Ever.

:unamused: Thank John. Now I know which direction the wind is blowing today – or at least this hour.


Steve King