Discussion: McCain: Rand Paul 'Worst Possible Candidate' On National Security

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Very disingenuous, Senator. You’re trying to direct people’s attention away from the fact that they’re all the worst possible candidate no matter what the subject is.


Hmmm…I’ll need to take another look at Senator Paul.

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You’re missing McCain’s intention, which is to pump up the creds of his buddy Graham.

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That’s rich, coming from McCain, whose entire national security policy consists of bombing then invading. I’m not sure who’s more dangerous.


"Hello, my name is John McCain and Rand Paul is the absolute worst possible candidate when it comes to national security. How do I know…because I was once the absolute worst possible candidate when it came to national security and I have not improved much since those days. In fact, I remain incredibly inept when it comes to national security and I am probably the best Republican when it comes to national security these days.’

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well, actually, the country has been spared suffering thru the campaign of the worst possible candidate – senator st mccain… although this time around, they all look like candidates for worst possible…
poor guy – he must be getting even more cranky now that he’s no longer #1 on the media speed-dial. how long has it been since one of those weekly exclusives on meet the press…

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Says the guy who has been wrong about everything, always.

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Well, McGrumpy isn’t running for POTUS this time around. It’s safer for him to be one voice out of a hundred. But he is running to stay in the senate which I guess is a test of how weird the voters in Arizona are. And since I have a ton of experience with Arizona, as a resident for nearly 50 years, I can say there are some very strange folk who live here.

Correction : Rand Paul is the worst possible candidate on everything.

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“Rand Paul is the worst possible candidate on national security”, McCain said.

“And Sarah Palin was the best VP pick ever”, he added.

Excuse me if I don’t put much faith in McCain’s judgments on competence and incompetence. McCain will never be forgiven for unleashing Nanooky of the North on an unsuspecting nation.


OLDER than dirt McCain…come-on Johnny pass the torch.

And who was thoroughly rejected by the American electorate. Not that the media believes. David Gregory clearly thought McCain was the president.

let’s see. crash mccain thought sarah palin would be sufficiently competent natrional security-wise to take over for him? john, your judgement is declining year by year. however, rand paul just might be the worst. suggesting even ted cruz is better? who would you rather handle the nuke codes, paul or cruz? lord protect us from such a choice.