Discussion: McCain, Mika Brzezinski Spar Over Handling Of Iraq (VIDEO)

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McCain, like all GOP pols, is simply not used to having any serious questions posed to him.

Kudos to Mika! Don’t let them off the hook, ever!


McCain passed from angry self-pity to just plain neabbess a few years ago. He should be put out to pasture, or muzzled, or something, but nobody will do that out of kindness, leaving him to provide anti-Obama sound bites whenever any eager reporter calls – and call they do.

Kudos to Brezinski for trying to interject a few facts. Not that that matters, of course …


“We had it won. Thanks to the surge and thanks to Gen. David Petraeus, we had it won, McCain said. And then the decision was made by the Obama administration to not have a residual force in Iraq."

Yea we know you think we should be there 100 years, you told us so. What happened to your ‘solution’ to all this?, just sit them down and say ’ stop the bullshit’, how’d that work out? Photo ops with terrorists? A total fucking disgrace this guy.


If we had it “won” John, then there should be no reason to stay. You thinking we needed a residual force still in place means we had not “won” nor could we ever “win” it.

And John it is long past time for you to admit that Iraq was one of the, if not THE greatest foreign policy plunders of all time. A lie that cost 100’s of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. Now that’s a waste John!


"…by pulling out we are leaving a vacuum and all of those sacrifices will have been made in vain,” McCain said.

Umm, it was all in vain since we first set foot in Iraq.


I don’t know Senator. Maybe the prospect of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fighting it out with Al Qaeda is actually a win for the US.


McCain’s fantasy world must be a wonderful place to live. It’s where any and all things he dreams of are realities and the actual realities are illusions.
This guy was the repug choice 6 years ago?


If you need to keep 30,000 troops there to make sure the native population doesn’t kill itself in a bloody religious/economic/revenge fueled civil war … then you haven’t ‘had it won’


We never had it won. We achieved a kind of unstable stalemate. Iraq is a failed state because of us and it cannot be fixed.


We had it won? “Mission Accomplished”? Is that when?

And if we had it won, when did we lose it?

Everyone knew it was going to be civil war when we left. Were we supposed to stay there forever?

What a senile, nasty old coot. He’s embarrassing. Thank dog he was never POTUS.


We had it won if we had just left some troops there to keep them propped up.

The new definition of winning.


It wasn’t just Obama that wanted our troops out of Iraq, everybody in America wanted our troops out of America. McCain’s foreign policy consist of bomb 'em and than bomb 'em some more.


Well at least he just “sparred”, he didn’t “snap” or “jab” like Hillary did.
Sexist much?


“We’ve made great sacrifice in order to stabilize the situation, and now by pulling out we are leaving a vacuum and all of those sacrifices will have been made in vain,” McCain said."

What part of this did we not know before going in?


We had it “won” with the surge? I thought we had it “won” six weeks after the war started in 2003 when The War President put on his flight suit and landed on that aircraft carrier with the giant “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him.

I give thanks every single day that this lunatic and Quitterpants McMoosegirl never made it to the White House. McCain is a borderline sociopath, and he seems to have absolutely no remorse after helping to green-light this disaster in the first place. Weapons of mass destruction, anyone?

How about we put together a special force consisting of nothing but the children of Republican politicians. We can send them to Iraq, and they can be the ones who die for freedom this time.


The old geezer is trying to revise history again, but that’s expected from Republicans. Mika should have asked “how about the fact that the U.S. was obligated to withdraw all troops from Iraq because of a treaty signed by Bush 43?”


If you can’t leave when you’ve won, when can you leave?
JFC this idiot can’t even make sense.


McCain, you forgot one thing, the Iraqis wanted the US out.


If we were interested in McCain’s foreign policy we would’ve elected him.