Discussion: McCain: Afghan Hospital Bombing Is Not A War Crime

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Not a war crime. Just an Ooopsies.

Unless of course the folks who called in the strike knew it was a hospital. Then he will just blame Obama.

Actually, I’m pretty sure a hospital is specifically listed under that exact definition…

fuck off, mccain:

Rule 35. Hospital and Safety Zones and Neutralized ZonesRule
35. Directing an attack against a zone established to shelter the
wounded, the sick and civilians from the effects of hostilities is

SummaryState practice establishes this rule as a norm of customary international law
applicable in both international and non-international armed conflicts.
International and non-international armed conflicts
The First and Fourth Geneva Conventions provide for the possibility of setting up hospital and safety zones, and a draft agreement for the establishment of such zones is attached thereto.[1]
In addition, the Fourth Geneva Convention provides for the possibility of setting up neutralized zones.[2]
Both types of zone are intended to shelter the wounded, the sick and civilians from the effects of conflict, but the hospital and safety zones are meant to be far removed from military operations, whereas neutralized zones are intended for areas in which military operations are taking place.
The relevant provisions of the Geneva Conventions are incorporated in many military manuals,
which emphasize that these zones must be respected.[3] Under the legislation of several States, it is an offence to attack such zones.[4]


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I guess McCain has already seen the complete investigation report, supporting testimony, committee notes, witness statements and various other documents needed to arrive at his pronouncement.

Either that or he’s an attention whore.


shorter McCain: War crimes are what other people do. And Obama.


McPalin in defense of ‘That One’?

Wonder if he’s feeling some remorse for all the people he obliterated in VietNam…

It’s not a fucking war crime. It’s a horrible mistake. That Palin-promoting shitheel is right on this one.

War crimes are intentional acts.


I will bet everything I own that the poor fuck who bombed that hospital did not do it with malicious intent.

You’re right. But …

ASSUMING General Campbell’s gross assessment is generally correct (I don’t assume that; I haven’t seen anything to resolve that one way or the other.), that ‘mistakes were made’, that could well amount to the ‘civilian’ or ‘domestic law’ crime of negligence so gross it amounts to a crime, but still it would be unlikely to qualify as a ‘war crime’.

McCain obviously thinks he’s ‘helping’ here, but he’s wrong on logic or facts or both combined. It’s a logical fallacy of willfully naive proportions to conclude that because Taliban forces had at some point attacked the hospital or the area in which is located, then the Taliban are who is to blame for this grotesque incident. Gen. Campbell was unequivocal in his testimony that the blame lay with the American military.

It’s possible that someone on the ground, American or Afghan, knowingly requested an attack on a hospital. Then that person has committed a war crime. Whoever gave the order to the American forces was, in this scenario, negligent.

Because St John McCain knows that no white people ever commit war crimes and no brown people are ever the victims of war crimes, Silly.

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So this guy’s still around?

Oh please. This is a war crime?

The whole f***ing Iraq WAR was a war crime.

A little proportion here, please.

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Yeah, he was just following orders.

Personally I dont know enough either way to create the distinction. However, McCain, you’re never going to get a soundbite negative to the military outta this guy, even if they napalmed a children hospital and used a HAARP device to stir the wind and flames worse.

As (technically) a war criminal himself, Sid McCrashcup knows war crimes.

well at least we didnt have HAARP then

Dee doo… Dee doo… Dee doo…

It’s all just one big “horrible mistake”…



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According to the Geneva Conventions carrying out unlawful orders makes one equally culpable.