Discussion: Massachusetts Judge Resigns Day After Suspension For Sexual Courthouse Affair

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“I leave with great sadness,” he said, as he zipped up his pants.


No surprise. Writing has been on the wall for weeks.


La petite morte.

Seriously, the guy’s an asshole for sure, but at least the woman was an adult, and apparently things started consensually, subsequently going south.


Whatever happened to “What happens in chambers stays in chambers”? If it started as a consensual event and happened frequently he must be pretty insensitive to let this balloon as it did. In his defense - he is a Republican.


“In his defense…” Well played, Madam. Well played.


15 or 20 years ago a judge in LA Superior Court was discovered having sex with the court reporter on counsel’s table. He was transferred to another building. The beginning of the end was his treatment of counsel and litigators. Insulting, belittling. The Judicial Council finally had enough when attorneys complained about him. He resigned and moved to another part of the country

I want to thank TPM for bringing this frivolous little report that brought back all kinds of memories from 40 years ago which made me feel good .Most of the stuff here makes my head explode.

P.S. Nobody ever lost their job because of me. I am a Democrat and a German, our motto is “Live and let live”

I’m guessing the June 15 is long enough to get one more paycheck but not long enough for the wheels of government to fire him sooner.

And everyone heard the screams coming fromm the chambers
"Here come the Judge! Here Come the Judge!"



Shame on you!!!

The Honorable George Costanza, Judge.


Gives new meaning to the phrase “counsel is leading the witness.”

and was leaving with “great sadness.” was he talking about her coochie or the job??

“Your honor I object”

“On what grounds councilor?”

“The search was carried out improperly.”

“Is this better…?”

Is that a premature withdrawal?

They should have provided more context. It sounds like this guy and the woman’s company were coercing her to have sex.

This article is slightly better -

“Massachusetts Judge Resigns Day After Suspension For Sexual Courthouse Affair”

I’ve been in a lot of courthouses, but I’ve never seen a sexual courthouse.

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