Discussion: Martin O'Malley: We Have Enough Senior Citizens In The Race Without Biden

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Huh??? What a STUPID f*cking thing to say especially to the generation that can always be relied upon to vote. Always.


No wonder this chowderhead is garnering 2% in the polls. :grimacing:


Except he didn’t say it, at least not in those disrespectful and ageist (at best) words. The headline is misleading.


Martin can you say…47%

“…respects Vice President Joe Biden, but thinks that “his generation is already overly represented” in the 2016 race for the presidency, according to Politico.” Ah? Are we over the quota? On behalf of my fellow seniors I’d just like to say: F*** you, Martin.


I have lived through many presidential nominations, and I never recall one with more personal, non-policy, insulting, appearance/religion/nationality/age-based nonsense.

And, Lord help us, the election is more than a year off.


“O’Malley: We Have Enough Senior Citizens In The Race Without Biden.”

An innovative and bold strategy:

  • Insulting an entire generation
  • Implicit age discrimination
  • Offending the most reliable demographic in the entire electorate

Did he actually pay a consultant for this strategy, or is it home-grown idiocy?


O’Malley was on The View this week singing a Taylor Swift song. And just wait until he pulls his shirt off to show us his manly man muscles. “What is your policy on crunches, America?”

I kid. In all he seems like a nice, capable guy with many successful years in politics ahead of him.



It doesn’t matter that he didn’t say it verbatim; what matters is that he sounded really disrepectful of a generation that is known to value voting.

This coming from a politician running for POTUS at about 3%.

Full disclosure: I was originally very supportive of his candidacy and, thankfully, I’ve gotten over that.


He gets my vote when he wrestles Putin and a bear.


And he’s still a chowderhead.

EDIT TO ADD: Sanders has locked up the youth vote tight.


2% really? That much?



O’Malley appeared on “The Daily Show” where he discussed being sexy … on “The View.”

If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, vote for me for President?

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I see a few silver hairs on O’Malley. He may be younger, but he ain’t no kid himself. He is right that VP Biden would be the oldest POTUS in history. Maybe because we are living longer it might not matter, but regardless, I think that VP Biden no matter how old he is should sit this one out. Hillary would be the same age as President Reagan and life expectancy was shorter for man back then. Life expectancy is longer for woman, and Hillary is very sharp which she proved at the debate. O’Malley could learn a thing or two from the oldsters.


I’ve seen a couple blurbs today about appearances he’s made. He really needs to go find something useful to do and quit wasting other people’s’ time and money. And I don’t even care if whatever it is waste his time and money.


well, he’s just disqualified himself… any middleaged man who knows a taylor swift song enough that he can play it on guitar, is not someone whose judgment i would trust.

not to mention, that he’s a stupid shit for that comment about the olds. what the hell.

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The article says: “If the VP decided to run and was elected, he would be the oldest President in U.S. history. Same for Hillary Clinton, who is now 67.” It is not true. Wikipeadia says that Ronald Reagan was the oldest president to assume office (age 69 years, 349 days). Why would this writer misstate Hilary Clinton’s age?


Shit, beat me to it.

Reagan was 16 days shy of being 70 on inauguration day in 1981 (he was 69 years, 11 months, 14 days old that day).

Clinton if she is elected would be 69 years old on inauguration day in 2017 (she would be 68 years, 2 months, 25 days old that day).

Sara Jerde must be using GOP math.

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…and get off your lawn?