Discussion: MAP: Obamacare Premiums Are Not Going To Skyrocket In 2015

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Ah - but that will not stop GOP pols from attempting to push through tweaks to the inner working of policy & operation to try to make the costs leap up.

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Golly. Even more evidence that this bill is unworkable. Repeal every word.

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I’m guessing the MSM will cover this story by running to McCain, Boehner and McConnell to get their opinion on this report. Naturally McCain, Boehner and McConnell will discredit the new information as false and misleading, and that will be the extent of the coverage, and than on to the next story.


But, but, but my friend’s sister’s friend said that his insurance went up 2,000% and communism.

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Wot?! The great Murkan insurance industry won’t get to make even more profit off of this Islamic Commusocialist slavery of Obamacare?



Business is business. Nobody…save some sycophants in the press…thought insurance co. would price over half of the country out of their markets…it would hasten single payer and the end of for-profit health insurance, if they did though.


Unfortunately Vermont, with a virtual Blue Cross monopoly, is in the > 10% bracket here. Vermont’s Blue Cross, while being one of the last that’s non-profit, has never been efficiently run. Hopefully nothing will derail the state’s plan to go to single-payer in a few years, although the notion that this will most likely get contracted out to … you guessed it … Blue Cross is disturbing.

I’ve been trying to run down (and haven’t had much success yet) some reliable numbers on average premium rat increases by year going back 20 years or so to see what the trend line is like.

How will they ever blame President Obama for Mike Pence being the Governor of Indiana?