Discussion: Manafort-Linked Lobbyist Gets 36 Months Probation

Good thing we know there was NO COLLUSION, so clearly all of the attempts to buy influence couldn’t have worked.


No jail time? Hopefully that means lots of cooperation of very large fish. Individual 1 hardly knows this guy, right?


Works for me…after all, Flynn got a parking ticket.


Before his guilty plea, Patten had worked as a political consultant across the former Soviet Union, and formed a political consulting firm with Konstantin Kilimnik, who the U.S. government suspects is a Russian spy.

Like Manafort, undoubtedly Patten pocketed millions in consulting fees for unreported work with persons believed to have contacts with Russian intelligence and military, if not in their direct employ. But unlike Manafort, I read nothing in reports Patten's sentence entails forfeiture of moneys or assets gained through what is now adjudicated as an illegal operation.

So, I guess crime does pay.
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36 months probation, 500 hours of community service, and a $5,000 fine

So being a huge international player in subverting democracy brings less punishment than selling an ounce of marijuana. Oh, I missed it

White Privileged Wealthy Manafort-Linked Lobbyist Gets 36 Months Probation


If he rolled over on more Russians than are named in this piece, he probably should have requested witness relocation.

I haven’t read any of the actual court documents. Usually cooperators forfeit money and property.