Discussion: Manafort Judge Will Consider Unsealing Some Of The Records In Virginia Case

The more sunlight, the better. Also, the sooner we can get that sunlight the better off we will be. This is one of the few things this judge has said that I like and agree with.


I don’t do things to keep from being scrutinized and criticized.

Further confirming the judge’s notion that this trial is really about him.


I respectfully disagree. I think he has been going out of his way to be even-handed and I’m quite sure he is trying to ensure that there is no basis for appeal. Yes, he’s been hard on the prosecution, but I don’t see him coddling the defense, either. Let’s see what the verdict is before we start criticizing the judge.


Why does the press corps laugh at this judge’s bad jokes? This is not a game, the judge’s conduct in this trial has been atrocious, and in his preening self-regard and overt bias he may have well confused and prejudiced the jury. Heck, the jury can’t figure out which exhibits go with which indictments because the judge wouldn’t let the prosecution show them the evidence during the trial. None of this is a laughing matter. The press corps sitting in the courtroom should give the judge the stone-faced contempt he deserves.


I hear lawyers saying that judges are hard on prosecutions when they think they have a slam dunk case…and then I think of the media in 2016 assuming Clinton had it in the bag…


Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.


Capriciously impeding and exhibiting hostility to the prosecution doesn’t insulate the judge from being appealed. It’s not as if the appellant will point to a material misdirection, say, only for the appellate court to respond that the judge was such a biased asshole throughout the trial that the misdirection was of no consequence.

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“I’m no stranger to criticism. But this case has brought it to a new level,” Ellis added.

Yeah, well there are good reasons for that having everything to do with you.


Why have we not had a report on the Jury Instructions???

Isn’t this a key area that often leads to appeal? Also there were several points about things said by the judge that might be relevant to the instructions, no??

If Manafort walks, I’d be checking this judge’s bank account.

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In news this afternoon, Trump pardoned the records in the Manafort Trial, claiming they should not be exposed to public humiliation.

It is time consuming to give jurors the exhibits to look at during trial. In 22 years in a courtroom I only saw it happen twice.