Discussion: Man Who Claimed Ties To Vegas Cop Killers Accused Of Threat To Blow Up Courthouse

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Why, just the other day I realized I was plumb out of aluminum powder and black iron oxide, and needed to stock up. Perfectly innocent stuff, with scores of uses around the house.


Looks like yet another person who doesn’t understand how satire works, and imagines it just means saying silly stuff that you don’t mean literally yet represents an exaggerated version of what you really do mean. And of course, someone who doesn’t understand that “free speech” doesn’t mean you won’t be held accountable for threats.

Presumably this guy hasn’t killed any cops, and yet he sounds like someone who’d like to if he could get more people to join in, so therefore it’s only a joke, until it isn’t. These guys will insist they don’t want a revolution, but by god, they’ll do as much as they can to push things to that point. I mean, anyone who feels the need to post threats to prove that we don’t have free speech is asking for trouble in the hopes they get it. But he’s probably peeing himself now that he has to face consequences for what he did.


I think he ought to come to Chicago and try that stunt.

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“…claiming that it had all been written as satire…”

Oh, no, no, no.

Limbaugh already tried to pull that stunt.


I’d tack on an additional charge with penalty for misusing satire.


These boys live just down the road from here.

Makes you realize that the crazy the GOP pushes results in people like this real close by. Couldn’t be five miles SW of here.

Didn’t figure wackos lived so close…you got them, too?

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Heheeee. That is funny.

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Wrong plumb, no?

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Free speech doesn’t mean, free from responsibility speech. Satire also isn’t yelling “fire” in a crowded theater or telling the local bad ass that he’s a pussy, there are consequences.


“I did it for the Lulz” is not a valid legal defense, idiot.

“Cain’t y’all take a joke??”