Discussion: Man Charged With Shooting Two Police Officers In Ferguson

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Small group of protesters, which apparently know each other by sight, say they have not seen or know of the individual charged with the shooting.

The police say he was a protester.

A police department that lies against protesters that might not.

Ferguson MO. just plain sucks.

The guy was some kind of marksman, he hit two police officers while aiming for someone else out a moving car he was driving. Right. And of course he is black and was with the protesters. Sure. This story stinks in more ways than one. I am quite skeptical. Oh, and what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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Exactly, given the DOJ report of wide spread corruption, why should anyone believe anything coming out of a FPD investigation?

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A 41-year-old St. Louis County officer was shot in the right shoulder, the bullet exiting through his back. A 32-year-old officer from Webster Groves was wearing a riot helmet with the face shield up. He was shot in the right cheek, just below the eye, and the bullet lodged behind his ear. The officers were released from the hospital later Thursday

That bullet must’ve only grazed his cheek to be treated and released the same day. For it to lodge in his ear, a very thin appendage, it did not have much power or momentum. I wonder if the bullets first went thru something like glass, or etc, in order to lose velocity or power. Bullet deflection is another possibility. I have shot a .22 caliber rifle at a squirrel on the ground and had the bullet ricochet off the ground and hit a metal shed. A .40 caliber is not a peashooter, it has plenty of power. The charges of assault kind of support that he was not aiming at the police. Had they thought he was actually trying to kill them, attempted murder would have been the charge.

If he had been able to hit officers he was aiming at from that distance at night with a handgun, he would be unusually accurate. So maybe this reminds us of another reason that guns aren’t really a good choice for defense or offense in a populated area.

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How many shots were hear? Was that reported?

I had initially said it was likely a rifle based on the accuracy. But it appears there was a line of police and he just aimed at that, not specific police, so that assumption was incorrect, a handgun could be aimed at a line from that distance. Getting the “elevation” of a shot fairly accurate from a distance would not be difficult. It’s the “left-right” part that would be hard. So that makes sense.

And he obviously is a “protester”. No, not one of the regulars, but protesters don’t have a club with ID badges, etc. He was just a rogue asshole. Not hard to believe. I’m not buying the conspiracy theory that he was a “plant”. It makes no sense. First of all they would have a plant fire from within the crowd, not from a distance. Second, the notion that they would plant a guy to shoot two cops (one in the face) is asinine. They would just have him fire shots at police and miss. Plus DOJ is still all over this. How hard is it to believe that some asshole would take a shot at cops. Plus if they were trying to trash the protesters, they would not issue a joint statement saying they support “peaceful protesting” but “will not allow, nor tolerate, the destructive and violent actions of a few to disrupt our unifying actions.”

They can’t charge based on what they “think”. They do know he fired the gun, that’s enough to arrest and hold him. They need evidence. I’d say they are looking for the people who were in the car and will talk to them. It does say the investigation is ongoing. He will likely be charged with attempted murder of a cop ultimately.

Correct, there was a line of officers, and he just aimed at the line. If it was one cop and he was aiming at him from that distance with a handgun, there is little chance he hits him.

There is no evidence he was aiming at the cops. He says he was aiming at someone among the protesters he had a beef with. Shooting a handgun from a car, it’s more likely than not that whoever got hit wasn’t the target.

The cops instantly leapt to the conclusion they were the intended targets and they’re not going to hear any fact inconsistent with that belief.


That’s why he has not been charged yet. But they’ll find the people he was in the car with, and they’ll talk. So yes, I should have said he was “likely” aiming at the line of cops.

I would not expect him to say he was aiming at the cops. And I find it very hard to believe he had gripe with a specific person in a big crowd, and decided to take a shot at them… from a distance with a handgun… while they were in a crowd. That just does not make any sense.

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Whoever did the shooting certainly deserves prosecution. But getting to the heart of the matter, the picture at the top says it all. Overseers?

“”""“Ferrell suspected McCulloch tried to cast him as a protester to reflect negatively on the movement”"""

Well they can move the deck chairs around they want…things haven’t changed in Ferguson. A prosecutor manipulating information to cast a bad light on those he knows don’t deserve it. Sounds like the old Ferguson doesn’t it?

Well, believe it or not, what you or I believe, isn’t evidence. Nor is what the Ferguson cops believe evidence, though they clearly believe otherwise.

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It’s a comment board and people can speculate. And what I am saying makes a hell of a lot more sense than the people who say this guy was a “plant” from the police, especially since two cops were shot, one in the head. That’s pretty nutty. As is the notion that he targeted a specific protester he had a gripe with …from a distance…with a handgun…in a crowd.

The police “suspect” otherwise, and it makes sense. The investigation is ongoing (and involves the Feds as well), and the next step is finding and talking to the people who were in the car with him.

It also says the Feds were involved in the investigation. I don’t find it hard to believe that some rogue asshole took a shot at cops.

And unless the Feds were leading the investigation I don’t find it hard to believe that the FPD would just grab the first convenient scapegoat they could force to fit their chosen narrative, because at this point they lack any credibility what so ever and they will continue to lack any credibility until they have thoroughly purged anyone and everyone even slightly connected with the pervasive corruption the DOJ found.

Wow, that was a pretty long time to grab the first “convenient” scapegoat. And wouldn’t it have made more sense to have the guy be from within the crowd?

Get real, these conspiracy theories are just nonsense. I would also add that numerous supposed witnesses to the Brown shooting either lied or did not even see it. So should we just assume all protesters are liars? Of course not.

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More likely the bullet passed through the zygoma and lodged behind or in the vicinity of the mastoid process. If he needs oromaxillary or facial surgery, it can usually be done within a couple weeks, as long as the risk of brain or vascular injury aren’t life-threatening.

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