Discussion: Man Charged With Hate Crime For Anti-Muslim Meltdown At NYC Restaurant

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“Irate Hate” Crime?

“Irrational Hate” crime.

Nice guy.

Whatta man. Hopefully now he knows better than to push it at Salt & Pepper. He should find something else to talk about.


I think we have had enough

The restaurant outburst was one of many anti-Muslim outbursts reported
around New York City since *

a married Muslim couple fatally shot 14 
people at an office party in San Bernardino, California.

Trump made racist violence cool again.

Fixed that for you.


We can thank The Donald, Fox and a bunch of other Right wing politicians and media outlets for this behavior.


THis Would’ve NEVER Happened IF HUMMUS and ISIS syMPATHIzer MAHOOd was in a DATAbase OR NOT let INTO the country.


The GOP built that


:confused: it looks like he got his ass kicked – so I’d let him off [this time] with another kick in the balls and fine for damages.

This shit is going on all over the place and the very people who are repeating the rhetoric that causes people to do this shit say nothing or take no responsibility. Is that someone or are those people you want to be POTUS?


The woman, identified as Denise Slader, encountered the men around 3 p.m. Sunday at the volleyball courts near the park’s entrance, according to parks spokeswoman Carolyn Jones. Slader is an employee of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Jones said.

Rasheed Albeshari told the Bay Area News Group he and his friends tried to tell Slader that his group “believes in Jesus, we respect Jesus. But she came back and told us Allah is Satan and that Muslims were all trying to destroy everything nice. That’s when I started videotaping.” He posted the encounter on Facebook.

On the video, Slader is heard saying, “The people you tortured, are going to be in eternity in heaven. You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over, brainwashed, and you have nothing but hate. Nothing but hate.”


Nice country we got here, huh?
I’m surprised that this happened in my own city of NYC, as for the most part, people here get along very well, and generally pull together. It is a very big-hearted town, and I am sickened by this incident. What as asshole, I’m happy we have hate crime laws to prosecute this jerk.


Agreed, but I was going for the rhyme factor…

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Because it’s accepted now. The GOP has given voice and validation to all the idiots who used to keep their hatred under wraps. I"m sure this is Obama’s fault.


Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me if he’s a Foxed-Out Trump supporter! Let me guess.


…drunken anti-Muslim tirade

Ahh, moved by the spirits…

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It’s not just hatred. It’s cowardice and acting out based on anxiety and fear. Right now the GOP, particularly Trump, is amping up anxiety for his audience instead of calling on Americans to show their bravery. It is a disgrace!


Trump for President. Unfortunately, I think the whole point of this market research exercise is to connect Trump with the people most likely to invest in a multi-level ponzi scheme involving american flag lapel pins made in China.