Discussion: Man Arrested In NYC With Two AR-15s, Note Reading 'I Want To Die In Combat'

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Conservatives Reply:

“three knives”
He could be a boy scout.

“several rounds of .22 caliber ammunition, plus a full box of fifty rounds”
Maybe he was going rabbit hunting or target shooting?

“an AR-15 Colt M4 and a .45 caliber Hi Point Model 4595”
Clearly for home protection.

“12-gauge shotgun”
Joe made me do it. I looked into his deep entrancing eyes, and just couldn’t help myself!

“9mm semi-automatic handgun”
It’s for a waitress friend of mine!

“an additional 400 rounds of ammunition”
So she like to shoot a lot.

“a bottle rocket”
A single bottle rocket? Ohhhhh…dangerous to librul wimps! What are you a freedom hating mommy state commie fashionistas from Kenya???

“drug paraphernalia”
Damnit, Rush HAS an alibi!


I focused on the last 2 items… bottle rocket and bong…


With all the global opportunities available for him I don’t see this as a problem. Lots of guys in certain parts of the world are also dying to meet their various gods so what the heck, just drop him off in any of those places and hope that he does not get killed driving the wrong way before his dream is fulfilled.

Actually, his tendency to drive on the left might be beneficial to him in many of these countries as they follow the British driving model. So the odds of him being able to get his stupid ass killed in combat are pretty darn good!

Put a GoPro camera on his so we can watch the fun!


Most of these obsessive/compulsive gun idiots are self medicated by a lack of chemical balance in the body. No outside drugs required. Just a kind voice like a pastor, politician or talk radio host.



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Ironically, if he was in Georgia, the police wouldn’t be able to ask this freak for his gun permit…So, NYC…I salute you.

Now that’s peachy.


He should have bought a GPS, Bagdad or Afghanistan is way out there.


“I want to die in combat, so I can go to heaven and meet God,” police told the newspaper.

Will he get his 72 virgins?


I would say the “drug paraphernalia” is the key.

He may very well get his wish. Combat of the hand-to-hand variety in a NY state prison…


Just another responsible gun owner. Nothing to see here, folks.


‘I want to die in combat and the police and civilians I take down in the process are just sacrificial lambs to my idiotic egotism.’

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It’s so sad. He was just a Responsible Gun Owner before Comrade Obama took away his Jesus-Given guns.


I assume that’s why he was actually arrested?

…I’d contribute to a ticket to Syria, Ukraine…

The man needs to fulfill his right to die…

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Pretty sure Saint Peter woulda inserted that bottle rocket-- lit it-- and pointed him downward.


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There was a mis-translation some time back - the72
virgins are all 70 year old spinsters.

I hope his cats will go to a loving family.


The Arabic word could also mean “72 perfect raisins.” Some of those guys are going to be in for a shock.

“What the Shi’ite? I blew myself up expecting endless punani and I get GRAPES? Not even fermented ones?!? Eff You, Al Crapda!”