Discussion: Major Conservative Group Will Not Back GOP Nominee In Virginia Senate Race

So the Koch bros will support traitors,liers,con men and thieves but an overt Nazi is a bridge to far. All righty then.


Hoping for substantial backlash against those rich billionaires trying to dictate elections…

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Yeah, all those groups said that same thing about Trump, talking a big talk, and they all gave in within days and bent the knee. I will only believe this news if Election Day goes by and we learn that indeed, they did not support Stewart directly or indirectly at some point, and then I might decide to give them the tiniest modicum of belief in their statements.


Good to know even the flea infested dogs won’t lie down with every beast.


Every damned time some crazed GOP nutjob secures the nomination for a significant office everyone normally expected to back the bid loudly makes noise “Not for this person, here we draw the line, they’re on their own!”

Fast forward to about 30 days before Election Day and everyone is tripping all over themselves to support the candidate.


An overt Nazi who’s going to lose. If Stewart had a chance of winning, they’d back him.

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“A tea party group backed by billionaire conservatives.” Does not compute. Surely what is meant is “an Astroturf group backed by rich reactionaries.”


Check back in on Labor Day. I suspect there will be a different tune.


I guess a man’s got to know his limits.

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Its a scheduling issue more than anything else.


Stewart is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump who has often targeted fellow Republicans.

Uhm, any reason why the author left out “White Supremacist” from this description, because THAT’S the lone reason the Kochs are dumping him?


Everyone’s justified in seeing this as hypocritical, given the destruction they’ve strongly supported. But if the plutocrats start putting their wallets back in their pockets, I’m going to welcome that. If Trump and the base are so extreme that they’re picking candidates who can’t win, and who threaten the entire plutocratic project by alienating normal people too much, that’s a good thing.



Yep. I don’t need to see Charles and David Koch start waving rainbow flags and signing onto welfare-for-all, although they’re certainly welcome to join the club. I’d be perfectly satisfied with them simply exiting politics entirely.


So THIS is ‘too far’? Really? You have kept silent while Trump destroys the party because you have been able to get taxes cut and regulations lifted but have a white supremacist in the Senate is ‘too far’?

The article is from the AP. Nothing more needs to be said.


They’ll come around.

Just watch.

By August at the latest, when nobody’s looking, they’ll shoot big cash at Virginia.

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