Discussion: Luther Strange: I Wouldn't Have Trump's Backing If I Was 'Part Of The Problem'

Witness Strange’s “strange” rationalization. Luther is true to his name, i.e. strange…

I swear Bannon and Company go out and find the MOST egregious RW nutjobs and back them. It’s as if they want to elect people that will continue to be ‘part of the problem’ and nothing will continue to get done. They advised Trump on his Cabinet picks and the majority of them cannot get anything DONE because they don’t know how government works and they think being benevolent dictators is enough. Amazing.

Bannon claimed that mainstream Republicans (“the most corrupt, incompetent group of individuals in this country”) think of Moore’s supporters as “a pack of morons.”

OMFG!!! Hell has just officially frozen over. I just discovered there is something in this world that i actually agree with Steve Bannon about. Mainstream Republicans ARE the most corrupt and incompetent group of individuals in this country. Moore’s supporters ARE a pack of morons. WTF is this world coming to when i actually agree with Steve Bannon about anything?!

Look what the dumb-bunny, self-centered, know-nothing Trump went and did – he and his untutored, sloppy efforts have divided the equally stupid GOP, thus greatly weakening it. As a Democrat, I say kudos to you, Donald!

“We have the same goals, same agenda, and so I think it’s a narrative
that’s being created because there are other agendas out there,” he
said. “People who don’t like Mitch McConnell, for example — other things
going on.”

Interesting. Luther was Mitch’s guy before he was Trump’s guy. Now he’s throwing Mitch under the bus because Trump “support” translates to a double-digit Moore lead?

Desperate times.