Discussion: Louise Linton: I Deserved Criticism For Out-Of-Touch Instagram Argument

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A little less tone-deaf this time, but still rings a bit hollow in my ears…


“These things happen when you forget you are no longer just speaking to the 1%, Right Mitt?”


Remember that her husband foreclosed on millions of houses while he was in private business.


OT but fitting here:

Netanyahu’s wife is being charged with fraud

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara is expected to face criminal charges over fraud amounting to the equivalent of over $110,000 after, among other accusations, she is alleged to have used public funds to throw lavish dinner parties and hire private chefs.”

Gee, wonder what Donnie Two Scoops will have to say about that??? :laughing:


OK. Accepted. This is a real apology. Credit where credit is due.


It’s a good apology. I wonder what Marie Antoinette said after the ‘cake’ thing?


Or credit due to a good pr team, and a client who listens and acts upon their advice. I say that because it is hard to match this humbleness to the petty, snide and demeaning tone of her earlier response. If over time, this is who she presents herself to be, then she gets full credit - not just for having a good pr team.


And so wraps up the debut season of the Real Housewhores of Washington, D.C.


Getting the sense that her publicist grabbed control and told her to STFU. It might be believable if she flies down to Texas and spends a few days helping storm victims without cameras around or tweeting about it but I would not advise holding your breath for that to happen.


Well, one thing is for sure: unlike Donnie, she definitely has learned something from this. I suspect we will NOT see a repetition, at least not in any public statement from her.

However, the quote below tells me that her priorities are totally wacko:

Who in their right mind thinks that a laundry list of name brands is “elegant and stylish”??? More like petty and nouveau-riche-y… But maybe she will have learned that lesson too. Time will tell.


Sounds like someone who hopes to one day be considered for another part from Hollywood. Too little, way too late.


Hermès means never having to say you’re sorry.


Makes me think of the musical Evita.

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Great PR bullshit.
I commend the attempt though, she is better than the Trump gang at pretending to give a shit.


Oh, please. It’s about as authentic an apology as are the bootstraps she and hubby used to pull themselves up from their respective upbringings in a Scottish castle and on Park Avenue. Were there an ounce of sincerity in her words, she would throttle that devious, sniveling, chinless, self-interested, oligarchical kapo in his sleep.

This is an apology purchased from a PR firm. Do not believe these people until their actions match their words. In this case, that would require Mucus resigning, purposefully vomiting on Donald Trump’s desk, turning his inherited wealth over to a charity, and going to work for an NGO building dikes in Bangladesh.

Other than that, I don’t feel too strongly about this couple.


in the cover story interview, where she posed in a series of ball gowns.

The gowns were all made of sackcloth, ashes and tears…


“My husband is very fortunate to be part of the government. It is a great honor and privilege and in no way is his work, or my part in this, any kind of sacrifice,” she said in the cover story interview, where she posed in a series of ball gowns.

Hmm…something doesn’t quite belong here…seems a bit incongruous. Trying to put my finger on it…

Ah, yes! I, too, always give my best apologies to the poors while posing in fancy haute couture.


As she privately fumes about having to apologize to the unwashed masses

Meanwhile, her husband says essentially the Dreamers contribute nothing to the nation, as their absence will not be noticed:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday he was not worried about any financial fallout related to ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, despite business advocates warning the deportation of so-called “Dreamers” could cause the economy to shed $460 billion. "

“As it relates to immigration, the president is very focused on legal immigration,” Mnuchin told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “As it relates to the economic impact, I am less concerned about the economic impact.”