Discussion: Liz Mair Responds To Nunes Suit: 'I Have A Very Different View' Of 1st Amendment'

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“by Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA)”



Sounds like paranoia and delusions are infectious. Best stay away from the host.


I’ve been following Devin Nunes ever since he became my Congressman (2015-2017) when I lived in Fresno. As a contribution to solidarity, last night I created Devin Nunes’ Pastor on Twitter (@DevinNunespast1) - I am a pastor btw. This morning had to confirm a phone number because apparently Twitter thought I might be a bot. Things are ok for now.


First thing I noticed too…

She would do better in her fundraising is she said right at the top of the page:

“every fucking penny you give to my legal fund will be spend on lawyers who will sue the shit out of Devin Nunes and the skanky lawyers who agreed to work for him, until twitter is the least of his worries”

Also needs a $$$ counter to gin up excitement.


This is exactly as @jeetheer describes in the Editor’s Blog as evidenced by Mair’s tweet including a link for donating to her legal defense fund; which is a direct result of Nunes’ frivolous suit. So Nunes’ message is clear: Criticize us (Repbulicans) and we’ll bury you in legal fees.


I can’t stand Liz Mair, but I support her on this.


Geez Devin, don’t have a cow, man.

I really wish his district would make Nunes go back to milking real cows instead of mock twitter accounts merely hinting at Devin’s cows.


He’s a disgruntled Republican. Of course he has a very different view of the 1st amendment. It’s in his genetic structure.




Shill and Traitor With Unpopular Opinions, Wrongheaded Ideas Pissed Nobody Wants What He’s Selling

Conservative thought in the USA would have died if the Fairness Doctrine hadn’t kept it on life support long enough to secure corporate sponsors. Advocates of minority rule depend heavily on being able to convince people that they are required to amplify the propaganda supporting minority rule.


well done! ~applause~

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I hope that the judge rapidly slaps this one down and punishes Nunes with all the legal fees, plus a bit extra for the frivolous lawsuit.


D as in Defector?




Same here. Pretty sure as soon as she’s no longer in tRump’s sights she’ll revert to form like all the rest of the Never-tRumpers.

So many of these Never-tRumpers claim their party will no longer exist after tRump because of how much he’s destroyed conservatism in their party, but the second he’s gone they’ll do everything in their power to bring their party back from the dead. With all its awfulness that brought tRump to us in the first place, they’ll revive the same old shit that Lee Atwater and his ilk started in order to divide the country, alongside all the shitheads that followed him. They’ll use the same old tactics again…minus tRump. And besides, conservatism was never ever what they claimed it was. It was all about feeding the rich under some phony philosophical layer of bullshit.

Right now, these never-tRumpers think they’re in the driver’s seat telling the Democratic party who they need to pick as their candidate because they think they’ve been such a good ally to the Democrats during the period tRump has been in office. I’ll be damned if I let them (and the fucking corporate news) tell me who the Democratic Party should go for as our candidate, but they do try…repeatedly, since they have no other cards to play at this point. Not only have they been rejected by the tRumpsters, who define the Republican party now, they’re looked upon with suspicion by a lot of us that never could stand these people way before tRump got into office.


Way back in the early 00’s I permanently lost my Doctor Biobrain account with Yahoo because I had a subaccount to post racist satire using the name of a bigoted general who was in the news at the time for his bigotry. I should have posted as his cow. Live and learn.


As easy as it is to mock Nunes’ ludicrous suit, make no mistake, it was not filed to win the case. It is designed for one purpose only — to try to unmask anonymous critics and to try to have their identities made public, which itself would represent a huge deterrent and a chilling of First Amendment rights. Imagine the threats and harassment from the Trump crazies these people would face. THATS the goal here — pure intimidation.


We will not be Intrimidated! Intimidated, possibly.

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I believe I remember that general. hahahaha