Discussion: Like Gore, Clinton Will Likely Win The Popular Vote

So much for the peoples voices being heard.


Trump: I told you that our election process is rigged :wink:


And just look at those fantastic examples…what prestigious company we’re in now, eh?


The electoral college has failed the will of the people in 2 of the last 5 elections


I hate it when that happens!

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The worst part (if it’s possible to point to only one thing) is that, unlike Shrub in 2000, these animals will not be kept in check by an adversarial Congress.


Ok, some seemingly good news: after 99% votes reported, Hassan looks like she’s going to squeak past Ayotte. She’s roughly 800 votes ahead. Let’s hope it holds. It will be significant down the road.


Yep, and the EV isn’t even close, unlike 2000. Even the election scoreboard at the top of the masthead doesn’t reflect the actual end result.


More than that, it isn’t like this election turned on one state decided by a miniscule amount of votes, as happened with Florida in 2000. Trump won a number of swing and even blue wall states by margins that, while very close, were still tens of thousands of votes.

The electoral college isn’t going away anytime soon. And for all its flaws it does have some merits, particularly forcing Presidential candidates to build broader coalitions of voters across the country instead of running up the score in a handful of areas.

So here you are America. Will you be upset that majority of America chose one candidate but the other candidate one? I am, but I am blue dot in a red sea, and the GOP has control of the majority of statehouses. If you are upset, and want to do something to channel that doubt into action, volunteer to take back the house and Senate in 2 years. Talk to your fellow americans, especially those who you disagree with on issues. Talk about those issues, ask about them and their concerns.

Let’s get to work. I am certain TPM and old TPM muckracker will be on the job. Will you?


Here’s how I feel!


Who didn’t vote – what was the turnout, % of voters?

Lowest turnout since 2000

And let’s not forget that it skews the results anyway, as HRC won without campaigning a lick in most of the vote-rich areas in places like CA, NY, etc.

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Trump built up a broad coalition, you’re saying?

yep that pretty much summed it up exactly.

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You think the Electoral College is bad, remember that Wyoming gets the same number of Senators as California.

Ironically the intended function of the EC is a final “firewall” against actually putting someone so obviously unqualified in office. Doubt they will save the republic though.


Oh, people.

One quibble - that may have been the stated rationale for the electoral college. The reality was to appease the Southern states.