Discussion: Liberal Advocacy Groups To Sue Over Wisconsin GOP Lame-Duck Power Grab

God, I really, really wish Eric Holder had done some of the great things he is now doing, when he was AG. Granted, he was not as bad as Loretta Lynch was, but god, why not some of this activism earlier on.


Holder has such heavy blood on his hands because he refused to prosecute any banks for the destruction of our economy. The informed readers here probably already know that Holder’s firm (Covington & Burling, LLC) was deeply responsible for writing legislation that allowed the banks to rob home owners of houses and funds. Holder’s office was literally left in the condition when he left to be AG. That firm knew he’d be back. So, when Holder suddenly resurfaces as some sort of moral agent for good, I say bullshit. His willful refusal to let banks off the hook will forever be a stain on his record and character. And the rampant crimes by Wall Street had a lot to do with the rise of Trump.


Not exactly ignoring the will of the people, Mr. Holder, but attempting to thwart them.


Holder and Obama needed to be much more active in fighting Repubs’ anti-democratic efforts such as voter suppression back in the 2010-12 timeframe. Their motives were obvious, and they needed a bigger spotlight and some court tests before the initiatives took root.


I really want this guy to run for president. I like him quite a lot and he’s doing incredibly important work that the ReaLiberals can’t be bothered to do.


Hey that Dr. politician was right about vaccines after all! Well at least he was a warning to find a Dr. or health provide that knows what the hell they are doing, i.e avoid guys like him!

Because he worked for the spineless Obama.

This I did not know.

times might be a little different today if the Bush war criminals would have had their feet held to the fire too, the lack of accountability opened the door to a lot of other non-sense to occur since then

gotta at least make them think twice before hitting send, but that is not happening


On what grounds can they challenge the new laws?

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The pattern:

  1. Republican does evil thing.
  2. Dem fights back with good thing.
  3. Dem blamed for evil thing Republican did.
  4. Rinse; repeat.

But Plucky, stables for the new unicorns don’t just build themselves. :wink:

Watching the stock market tank and just waiting for it to be blamed on the upcoming Dem majority in the house. We know it’s coming.


You ever notice it’s always because of something the Democrat didn’t do while they completely ignore all the good they DID do?


Did you always notice it’s…

And they never notice what Republicans have been doing. It’s always Democrats fault for not stopping them, by… :mutter, mutter: something, something… Spineless! Lack of leadership! We need not-yet-in-office-new-elected-Congresspersons to assume a leadership role because, because…uh…NEW BLOOD!


No, that’s not quite it. This is:

  1. GOP does dozens of dirty deeds.
  2. Dems take them all to court.
  3. They win 80% of the cases “winning” a return to status quo ante.
  4. They lose the other 20%, losing real power.

With such a strategy, we can at best break even. GOP dirty dealing must be fought in the court of public opinion as well as the legal courts.


So much WORD!


Same old, same old.


Never gets old for some folks. I’m dead fucking weary of it myself.



because folks want to act like Holder or Obama didn’t do anything about voting rights

okies back to listening to the ‘Puppets of Tomorrow’ theme.