Discussion: Lewinsky: I Was A ‘Virgin To Humiliation’ Before That Day

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I’ve got a thousand bucks that says someone wrote that line for her. Either that, or she’s got to outgrow the Jane Austen knockoffs.


This woman continues to confound me. She snapped her thong underwear at the President to get the ball rolling and was a willing and eager participant in the relationship. She somehow seems to be in denial that this was the married POTUS, and that, at some point, there had to be repercussions.
What am I missing here?


She’s a media whore now. They only thing she can bring to the air is a rehash of her infamy by talking about her relationship to the former President. No one wants to hear her talk about anything else and she knows it. She’s an opportunist now…and coincidentally, attempting to make herself a constant media presence before a Hillary Clinton run for the Presidency. There’s really nothing to miss here. It’s deliberate. Her PR guy, agent or whoever books this twit knows it and so does she.


Instead of HRC, Maher should have advised Monica to go the hell away for a while.


Amen to that. People like her don’t just show up accidentally.


The RNC must be paying her a bundle.


Anyone else find it rather convenient that just as the Hillary campaign is starting to gain momentum Lewinsky starts popping up everywhere again? I suspect right wing foul play.


Burn the beret! Bury the blue dress! But think about the thong!

Like a virgin, griftin’ for the very first time…


This reminds me of one of my favorite Chappelle jokes from when he was a stand-up comedian before he got really famous. Paraphrasing:

“Now before you ladies go judging Monica, I want you to think of that one dick you wish you never sucked. I bet you he wasn’t the president! He probably worked at Kinney Shoes or some shit.”


I think it’s less about HRC than it is Rand Paul’s insistence that she was some little girl Clinton took advantage of. He spent weeks trying to claim that somehow Clinton’s affair proves he and the Democrats are the party launching the real war on women. It was shortly afterwards that she began speaking out again.
Frankly, I think it’s actually helpful for her to be out there making noise now than a year from now. It reminds women that even one of the most powerful women in the world has had to deal with a cheating bastard and his PYT. If the idea is to disparage HRC, it doesn’t. It humanizes her.

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I doubt there is any dirty tricks involved, just basic human greed.

As Hilary’s campaign gets started, the media is quite eager to revisit stories from Bill’s administration. So, the perfect time for her agent to start booking her.

If Hilary wasn’t running, nobody would give her a wooden nickel for an interview. But since she is, Monica is cashing in while she can.


National Geographic

I doubt this cow was ever a virgin.

The New Tabloid of the Apocalypse.

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Given her past comments (as well as behavior) I’d have to say that this is probably the only thing that was virgin about her. A bit of an opportunist, to be sure … and I, like so many others, wonder just who is behind this. Probably the same one that paid for the nose job for that woman from Arkansas.

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You mean Linda Tripp? Didn’t she go into the witness protection program.

Her mouth was no virgin, that is for sure.

Darcy, that was just vile. I’m pretty sickened by the level of discourse on this article.

I voted for Bill Clinton twice, thought he was a good president in spite of all the grief he faced, but there is no doubt that Clinton has a lot more sordid sexual history than Lewinsky. And until his heart attack, Clinton was chubby himself.

Why is all this venom directed at Lewinsky?


‘“I was a virgin to humiliation”’

‘“To have my narrative ripped from me”’

‘“it was just violation after violation”’


She got a $12 million dollar book deal and an HBO special.