Discussion: LePage Tells Gun Owners To 'Load Up And Get Rid Of The Drug Dealers'

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He wasn’t suggesting vigilantism…WTF WAS he suggesting?


This why 3rd Party or independent candidates are bad news.


Correct, I’m 1000% sure this will work out, 1000% sure when it becomes the latest FUBAR the Gov will say something along the lines of “liberal lies”…

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He’s just jealous of Burns OR getting all the press. Maybe he wants his own militia fun (AKA a-gang-of-a-different-color)

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A different color? No way! He don’t like nothin to have a different color.

Signs signs everywhere a sign, can’t you see the signs.

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And I’m telling Maine Democrats to load up the articles of impeachment with yet another accusation of unforgivable incompetence visa-vi steering the public towards armed vigilantism. LePage has become a danger to the citizens of Maine, whom he ostensibly serves, and should be removed from office forthwith.


PMaroneyBPrime: He’s just jealous of Burns OR getting all the press. Maybe he wants his own militia fun (AKA a-gang-of-a-different-color)

calling all militiamen! maine needs you now. we got drug dealers so arm up.

ps. please don’t bring any drugs with you.

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“Sorry, Officer. He LOOKED like a drug dealer.”

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Code for “open season on anyone who’s not white.”

Maine is the whitest state, after all. Seems that this is the kind of crazy shit that happens anywhere you leave us white folks to breed amongst ourselves.


You seem to let the majority of eligible voters who don’t vote in most elections off the hook. Them’s the real “bad news”, not the candidates whose campaigns make democracy possible and healthy.

Does this mean the honorable gov. Has now remotely deputized every legal gun owner in the state? So let the shooting gallery begin.

Subversion is illegal. Impeach this ignoramus!

He’s routinely rankled critics for outlandish comments, such as saying dealers come to Maine and impregnate “white girls.”

“Outlandish” isn’t exactly the word I would use…

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Sometimes I think that hear in Iowa we have the craziest politicians and then a story like this runs and I think Steve King has an equal!

LePage later said he wasn’t suggesting vigilantism

Hay guv, lookit: figger I cot us a reel live crank pusher
~SHOOT HIM! Shoot him NOW!~
Uh … WTF? Where- ?
~In the head - in the HEAD! Right now!~
U … u want I shud shoot an kill a unarmed pritsner - this skinnee dood?
~No no no u MOHron I dohn meen THAT!~
But u juss sed- … wot zacklee R u seyin?
~Shoot HIM! Shoot him NOW!~

Angling to be Trump’s VP running mate?

Dear Maine,
You have placed a mentally ill crackpot in charge of your state. Please rectify.


Republican: unfamiliar with the law, unfamiliar with the concept of law.

The Republican governor has voiced frustration over out-of-state drug dealers he blames for fueling Maine’s heroin epidemic

Ah, I see the myth of the “pusher” is still alive and well. Yeah, all those poor, innocent white Mainers just get tricked into trying drugs by sneaky dark-skinned pushers from out of state. If you just got rid of those white-girl-impregnating out-of-state pushers, the whole heroin problem would just up and vanish. Because drug dealers are never local, in-state people, and people from Maine aren’t capable of driving out of state to get drugs, or of having drugs shipped to them. Yup, just target the out-of-staters who don’t look like normal white tourists, and…presto, problem solved.

It must be really something to live such a hallucinatory existence without drugs.