Discussion: LePage Appears To Suggest He Lies To Journos So They'll Write 'Stupid Stories'


He meant to fuck up those 65 vetoes, too.

He also meant to not get offered a job by Trump after he spent the last two years kissing his ass.

He’s not mad, you guys. He thinks it’s funny, that’s all.


Like you need to torpedo their credibility - they’ve been doing it on their own for years.


Not sure “I was trolling” has been tried as a gubernatorial slogan, but sure, why not. Seemed to work for Mr. “Please hack her emails”.


What a bunch of miserable FKs these Republicans are. I mean truly…and then they run to the press to TELL them what aholes they are. You cannot make this crap up.


Shorter LePage: Honesty is so overrated.


Teatroll Rosetta Stone: “I said a ton of stupid and false shit and got called out on it, so now I’m confabulating that it was actually 12 dimensional chess.”

Dude…you’re playing checkers against yourself and somehow managing to lose.


More like connect four.


Dumber than a sack of hammers, and proud of it. “Fat, dumb and happy is no way to go through life, son!”


Like Rump, Gov LePig as we call him, is one heck of a role model for the kids growing up with these fascist Republicans running amuck over government and common decency.

LePig has a serious bad drunk problem and needs substance abuse help.


Stories about you are stupid stories by definition, you brain-dead ass-face. Let trying to make them stupider be the least of your worries.


Elections have consequences.

You may disagree with Democratic governors now and then, none of them is perfect, but you will never ever get this level of shit from them.


Any story about this jackass is stupid simply because he appears in it, whether it is true or not. Now it is fair game for the press to question if he is lying or not on any given issue. Everyone knows he is just willfully ignorant about almost any topic, but now we have an admission that he flat out lies. Nice. On the bright side for Krusty the Klown, maybe he was only kidding when he left a late night voicemail at the home of state rep. Drew Gattine calling him a “son of a bitch, socialist cocksucker.” It is hard to tell if someone is joking when they are shitfaced.

When he said he was leaving, there was a big sigh of relief in our state, even though government was shut down. His term is measured in Trump years, and it seems like he is never going to leave.

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So: he admits he lies to reporters for the fun of it, then complains that their stories are vile and inaccurate. Seems legit.


Sounds like LePage graduated from the Trump school of Faux Leadership, Fraud and Public Dissembling.


You know what would really set them off Gov? How about resigning.

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And so my heavy-hearted, but necessary, boycott of summering in Maine continues . . .

To think the people of Maine voted for him twice - Kansas and Mississippi don’t have exclusive claims to stupidity and ignorance. They also keep voting for Suzie Collins who’s a very weak senator - sponsored Sessions for AG and had no problem with him lying under oath.


O.T., but holy shit!

This has Stephen Miller and/or Steve Bannon written all over it. Trump didn’t compose that tweet; at least not by himself.


Well, as for the gubernatorial elections, the same spoiler played a decisive role in both 2010 and 2014 races there. In my mind the NJ case is more inexcusable.

Meanwhile, Collins is, indeed, inexcusable. That’s one of those places we should be able to elect Democratic senators.

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