Discussion: Lena Dunham's Publisher Is Altering The Rape Story In Her Memoir

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Well, I guess this proves once and for all time that campus rapes never happen, and that all of these reports are from hysterical lesbian fabulist harpies who only purpose is to ruin promising young men’s lives.

At least, that’s how I imagine Breitbart, NRO, and George Will will spin it…

What are the chances that Breitbart News only went after this because Denham mentioned that her assailant was a Republican?

Feminism at it’s core is hatred of men, and making up statistics is just a part of the game to justify that hate. The stats feminists are throwing around about campus rape?

“We don’t think one in five is a nationally representative statistic.”
It couldn’t be, he said, because his team sampled only two schools. “In
no way does that make our results nationally representative,”
-The Campus Sexual Assault Study Lead Author Christopher Krebs


I stopped right there. Being a son, brother, husband, and father, I’m naturally, as someone who loves and supports those people, a feminist as well. As far as statistics go, all I know is that many women I know have been raped on campuses, and these would be only the ones who could talk about it, so I certainly don’t imagine it’s rare.


Of course, as a feminist, you will ignore the evidence that doesn’t support your false worldview…I get it. I wouldn’t expect any better from a feminist. In summary however, I’ll mention that the stats being used by feminists are made up bullshit. That is all.

I’m going to ignore the troll and just say that any time someone at a smallish college insists they never met someone else who was at that smallish college during the same years, it raises a little flag for me. It’s way too absolute a statement. “Don’t remember meeting”, “Definitely wasn’t the person in the story” etc would be much simpler.

And how I wonder whether books and articles that use pseudonyms to refer to people are going to have to be fact-checked to ensure that the pseudonym could not possibly be perceived to refer to any actual person who might potentially have been in the same location at the time of the events narrated. “I was a a party with my friends El Greco, Pontius Pilate and Elizabeth Tudor when a guy called Leonardo da Vinci did the strangest thing…”


Others are right, of course, in suggesting that one shouldn’t respond to trolls, but let me just say that you’d be a lot happier if you didn’t insist on being such a dick in public.