Discussion: Leahy Continues To Press Kavanaugh On Bush-Era Hacking Of Senate Dems

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Bob and weave, dip and swerve.

May they bug him until they get so under his skin that he trips and falls.




Really like all the W o O references! Thanks RVH

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Someone should do the same to the switchboards of all the Trump hotels.


Nothing gets the job done like an angry letter to the Times

Not that it really matters, but harassing phone calls are also unlawful.

Meanwhile, the idea that Kavanaugh had no idea he was trafficking in stolen information from a federal interest computer system is risible. You don’t restrict “gossip” so explicitly. In many ways he was acting just like Don Jr: when offered information of seriously questionable legal status, his response wasn’t “No thanks, let me talk to a lawyer and maybe the FBI”. It was “Thanks! More Please!”


Batman keeps pitching one cream pie after the other into Kavanaugh’s face but my favorite is still Booker saying he’s going to release a ‘confidential’ e-mail and practically DARING Cornyn TO HIS FACE to do anything about it.

After countless folks destroyed by rich rightwingers, it is good to see some hardball being played. Every woman victim, rape and harrassment victim, John Kerry, Al Gore, John McCain…finally show some fire Dems and stick it to these people with your righteous anger and real proofs. It is such a rich, rightwing tactic to destroy the credibility of very credible and decent folks…whistleblowers, underlings, underprivileged folks, Al Franken, it goes on and on