Discussion: Lawyers File Motion to Dismiss Penis Amputation Suit

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Did they send him a bill? If so, case closed.

claims his penis was wrongly amputated during a circumcision last month and no one ever told him why

“Why did you remove my penis man?”

Awkward silence.


Comment by doctor from the OR “Aw Shit!”

Earlier this month, Will Axon, a lawyer defending the two doctors, said “When the facts become known this will be seen as an unfair attempt to damage the reputations of dedicated physicians and their outstanding clinics with sensational claims that are completely false,” said Axon.

Barnum’s axiom “All publicity is good publicity” just took a powder.

The usual medical reason for a penis amputation is cancer [1], and I’ve never heard of a circumcision performed with a general anesthetic. Could Banks have misunderstood or been misinformed about the reason for his surgery?
Also, HIPAA does sort of impose a gag order for medical malpractice cases, which is probably why the docs and hospital aren’t talking.

[1] Most common cause of penile cancer? HPV. Which is why every kid should be vaccinated, not just girls, and why Mrs. Banks should probably check in with her gynecologist.


Ghastly story.

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The doctors probably should not have hired a lawyer named Will Axon, though it’s still better than Will Axoff.

OK…its a legal thing so there’s always a way to muck it up a bit. But damn, they either cut this man’s dick off or they did not and the proof is in his levis.

So tell me…does he do the deed in the courtroom?