Discussion: Lawyer: I Discussed Accusations Against Schneiderman With Michael Cohen

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Is this conspiracy to commit extortion or just out and out extortion?


Very interesting. Trump is more resourceful than he appears.

Now, Michael Cohen must be the dumbest hood in all Mobland, the screw up on the Stormy Affaire, compounded by his failure to compartmentalize his other rackets are bringing embarrassments to whoever had dealings with him. No wonder Trump treated him like crap. Al Capone would have personally killed him with a baseball bat.


Just a layperson’s question here… wouldn’t the conversations the women had with the lawyer be confidential? Why did this guy violate attorney- client privilege to share with Cohen? ( And why is he freely admitting to this?) Inquiring minds want to know.


ETTD And it can be at a distance.


Gleason may not be a party to the case but he communicated with a NY Post journalist (a Murdoch publication), by the name of Dunleavy who then went to tRump (in 2013?) with the information and that’s how Cohen was told of the information supposedly. The timing of the New Yorker article always seemed suspect to me, and now it does even more so. I’m not saying the accusations aren’t true mind you, I’m just saying the way these complaints became public now are perhaps connected to tRump and Cohen as well.



“Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone — next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner,” Trump tweeted.

“The Art of the Ratf*ck.”

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So do I understand this correctly, it’s a little convoluted in the telling.

Schneiderman is one of Trump’s longtime nemeses. Gleason learns of Schneiderman’s abuse, doesn’t tell law enforcement. Instead, tells Trump via Cohen, for potential later use against Schneiderman.


It’s interesting that this did not surface until Schneiderman had resigned. For nearly a month after the raid on Cohen’s office, Mr. Gleason did nothing to protect his clients. Mr. Gleason no doubt knew the entire time that he had discussed his client’s allegations against Schneiderman with Mr. Cohen, and that there might be some related documents seized by the feds.

And why contact Cohen and/or Trump about this issue unless there was going to be some effort to get Schneiderman to pay? Maybe he did pay? Perhaps Gleason was calling Cohen just to get some tips on how best to monetize the situations to his benefit. Very fishy…


It is no wonder that people hate lawyers, and I am a lawyer. JFC, what did Peter Gleason get from DT for shopping him this dirt? Why else go to him?


Lawyers talk to each other all the time about cases without revealing attorney-client privileged information. I can tell you lots of details about a case without revealing anything secret or confidential.


He went to a journalist, presumably because he didn’t want to go to law enforcement because it was NY’s top law enforcement officer. But why did the journalist then tell tRump/Cohen in 2013, or did that happen more recently? And was that the plan all along to give tRump some deniability since he could claim he received that info from journalist, and not the lawyer representing the two women. It stinks to high heaven if you ask me.


Thanks for clearing that up.

I don’t understand the legalities here. Is there anything to suggest someone (Gleason?) committed a crime?


Instead, tells Trump via Cohen, for potential later use against Schneiderman.

It sounds like Drumpf may have had a little Putin envy and tried his hand at kompromat.


Trump - too stupid to realize that the power lies in blackmailing an AG, not getting him/her fired. There are always more lawyers waiting in the wings to make their mark.


No, that doesn’t clear it up. The lawyer didn’t talk to Cohen. He talked to a journalist about his clients complaints. The journalist told tRump, who then in turn told Cohen, and this supposedly happened 5 years ago.

The question is: Why did the journalist go running to tell tRump?


There are still lots of good questions to ask about this. It doesn’t pass the smell test.


Seems Cohen had more clients than he admitted in open court:

“Gleason is now asking the U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood — who is
overseeing the handling of materials seized from Cohen’s residence,
office and hotel room — to place a protective order on any materials
pertaining to his conversations with Cohen about the allegations. Wood
has already appointed a special master to sort through records seized by
the FBI potentially protected by attorney-client privilege.”
This guy plus AT&T, Novartis, a Russian and who knows what all.


It sounds like the goods Trump had on Schneiderman were filed under the “In Case of Fire–Break Glass” extortion category to be used in case of he’s up against a real slammer. Looks like he’s there.

But if the SDNY and the Acting AG have any say, this won’t be enough to take down Cohengate.