Discussion: Lawmakers Prepare To Oust Jailed Virginia Delegate Who Won Re-Election

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Nobody works harder for their constituents than I do.

Isn’t that what got you in trouble in the first place?

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Nothing shames Republicans, absolutely nothing!


“He may be a pervert, but he’s our pervert!”

But this guy isn’t a Republican; however, I’m pretty sure shame has never visited his doorstep one way or the other.

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If he’d been twenty, this wouldn’t be a crime in Virginia.

Wow, am I proud to work in Henrico County, VA…NOT! These are the same people that thought Eric Cantor wasn’t Republican enough…


The dead candidate Mel Carnahan won an election to the Missouri Senate in 2000 beating John Ashcroft. There are several other examples of dead candidates winning, but a live criminal is nothing more than a name to many people who vote. He’s on the ballot, let’s pick him.

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It’s the name recognition which did it?

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Probably, but there’s this from Wiki

In the general election, Ashcroft faced a challenge from then-Governor Mel Carnahan. In the midst of a tight race, Carnahan died in an plane crash only two weeks before the November general election. However, Carnahan’s name remained on the ballot due to Missouri state election laws. Lieutenant Governor Roger B. Wilson became Governor upon Carnahan’s death. He announced that if Carnahan should, be elected he would appoint his widow Jean Carnahan to serve in his place, to which she agreed to this arrangement. Ashcroft suspended all campaigning after the plane crash in light of the tragedy

Republican ethics on display.

Ironically, years ago when Morrissey was first running for office as Common Attorney I think, he did visit my doorstep. He came across as a door-to-door con man right from the start.

To be exact, Carnahan defeated Ashcroft for the US Senate seat from Missouri (it wasn’t a state senate seat). Jean was appointed to the seat, but then lost a special election two years later to keep it.).

We have a felon for governor of Florida, a car thief in congress and every kind of flim flam con man you can imagine running about everything in America. What is one more?


Fingers failed. I knew it was the US Senate. I remember learning about this at the time it happened, seemed like a terrible tragedy for all involved.