Discussion: Latest Travel Ban Ruling Paves Way For More Refugees But Gov't Looking To Quickly Close It

Pretty much a brown skin ban no matter the cloaks or veils used.

The Republican Party with their mad President at the helm are just fulfilling their desire to segregate us from them, white from not.
The only thing new about it all, is the power behind it and the expanded target list.
Otherwise, its the same-old, same-old. The White Pride crowd is still the White Pride crowd and the pseudo-religious still despise all that aren’t on their bandwagon.

The law recognizes this unconstitutional ban but the representatives of the highest court have partisan tendencies and debts to repay.
Our nations heart is exposed and is vulnerable to attacks from the heartless.

Don’t these people know we came here to get away from our grandparents?

Oh wait, our grandparents came here to get away from oppression, and oppression has now come here too.

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