Discussion: Latest Sanders's Endorsement: Eric Garner's Daughter

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Oh wow. How important and exciting this news is,


Yeah, I’m not really understanding the importance of this. Obviously, she’s entitled to her opinion but - so what?


Exactly and how does this affect anyone except perhaps to say that Bernie does have some black support. Honestly, TPM really disgusts me at times.

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Ummm, ok. Yeah, I guess the opinion of the daughter of a murdered black man doesn’t really matter especially since the candidate has been criticized about racial sensitivity.

If you could please give us a list of the black people whose opinions actually do matter, that would be great. Thanks.



Well,she isn’t just the daughter of Eric Garner anymore. She heads up a non profit and has become fairly active politically since her father’s death. Supposedly she is even floating the idea of running for Congress.

And given his woefully poor polling with Blacks and minorities in general,and the earlier dust ups with BLM at his campaign events…it has some significance that she endorses him.


I admit I wasn’t aware of her running for Congress. If she has a political “presence” here in the Bklyn./Staten Island area, that went by me completely. Still not seeing it.

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Here is an article…just the first one I grabbed off of google. There are plenty more.

It would be a tough run for her against a sitting incumbent, with her having no political experience. But she is floating the idea at least.

This is enormously important. Even if she was not an activist and even if she said only “I support Bernie Sanders for President” it will have a powerful effect. It is one more indication that we will soon see a flood of support from African-American youth into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

"I remember another candidate who dared me to believe in hope and change. His opponents said he wasn’t ready for leadership. They said he couldn’t win. He said, “Yes, we can.” And we did.

I still believe we can. That’s why I endorse Bernie Sanders for president."
-Erica Garner-

A moving endorsement.


esp since she’s running for a staten island seat… they typically elect nutjob republicons…
michael grimm and vito fossella are recent examples…

It will take more than just her endorsement for a ‘flood’ to occur.

It is one more indication that we will soon see a flood of support from African-American youth into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Please enlighten me because I seem to have missed it. What were the other indications?

No list needed, just a simple criteria – if they support Hillary, their opinions matter. If they support Bernie, they don’t. See? Easy!


I don’t think that’s what Brooklyn meant. I think he was wondering what made her particularly special enough for media coverage. Frankly, I wondered it too. After explanation, I get it now.

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Ahh, that makes sense. I thought maybe it was less one-sided. You know, along the lines of, “if they are an establishment person or group, their endorsement matters. If not, TPM’s coverage of the endorsement is disgusting.”

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“Will” is pretty optimistic. “Might” would be a lot more accurate, as it implies “might not” as well.

At any rate, it’s good for Bernie’s campaign to be getting these kinds of endorsements, even if any particular one may not have much effect on its own.

Here’s another recent endorsement that suggests that Bernie’s message on Black Lives Matter, and more broadly on criminal justice and police reform and racial justice in general, is not falling entirely on deaf ears, and that his ability to appeal to African-Americans could be greater than many have assumed.


That being said, Hillary is still far outperforming Bernie among African-American voters, and while he is showing some progress in attracting the support of AA voters in some of the recent polling, he still has a long, long way to go. And not all that much time to get there. Still, progress is better than no progress.


Fair enough, I was definitely being snarky there, and a bit unfair to @brooklyndweller. It’s just that the significance seemed pretty obvious to me, though just how significant it might be is an open question.


Obama said yes we can - we being the operative word - like as in I can’t do it alone. Bernie (whom I respect and admire) is more of an I can kinda guy

Yeah, I’m surprised at those reactions; I don’t recall such dismissiveness about the Livewire reports of Clinton endorsements from Eric Garner’s mother, or Sybrina Fulton, or Lucia McBath. I honestly don’t believe people are consciously thinking it’s only newsworthy if someone’s endorsing Hillary; but it sure does reveal humans’ capacity for letting their preferences skew the way they see things.